Maize Maze opens at Hilltop Farm in Hunningham

An aerial shot of the sheep-shaped maze

An aerial shot of the sheep-shaped maze - Credit: Archant

The Warwickshire countryside has a new attraction - an ‘a-Maizing’ maze!

In the Maize Maze

In the Maize Maze - Credit: Archant

A Maize Maze has opened at Hilltop Farm in Hunningham - challenging young explorers to find the right route through - and learn about the importance of locally produced food along the way.

The Maze, made out of maize and specifically designed for Hilltop Farm, cuts a striking image from the skies, in the shape of a giant sheep.

It opened on Saturday July 19, ready to welcome visitors throughout the summer holidays.

Explorers are challenged not only to find the right way out, but also to complete The Great British Food Hunt along the way, collecting stamps from different stations hidden within the Maze. Each stamp represents a different food and shows the ‘food miles’ meat, veg and fruit can travel before reaching the table.

In the Maize Maze

In the Maize Maze - Credit: Archant

Lotte Ellis from Hilltop Farm explained: “We love fresh, local produce. This is what the Great British Food Hunt is all about. It might surprise you how many food miles the basics like milk, meat and vegetables can travel before they get to your table. Come and see how many food miles you could save by buying local produce.”

Entry to the Maize Maze costs £4.50 for adults and £3.50 for children. Wellies are advised. It will be open daily between 10am and 6pm until September 7.

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The Maze is next to Hilltop Farm’s café, restaurant and farm shop, with a children’s play area.

Hilltop Farm can be found on the Fosse Way in the village of Hunningham, near Leamington.

Go to for more, or call 01926 632978.

Alternatively find Hilltop Farm on Facebook.