Make your neighbours green with envy with the latest trend in garden design

Terrace Town Garden, Guildford, Surrey

Terrace Town Garden, Guildford, Surrey - Credit: Archant

To update your Surrey garden and introduce the latest landscaping trends, seek expert advice from your friendly local garden experts Graduate Landscapes.

Natural Swimming Pool, Hampshire

Natural Swimming Pool, Hampshire - Credit: Archant

Graduate Landscapes are award winning gardeners and garden designers in Hampshire and Surrey. With 25 years of experience, a 30 people strong team, and hundreds of exquisite bespoke garden designs behind them, it’s no wonder they’re so much in demand.

Their service covers every aspect of the design, creation and management of your dream garden. Whether transforming characterless back yards into vibrant oases of colour, creating the illusion of space in the smallest of cottage gardens or landscaping and overhauling acres of grounds- no remit is too big a challenge.

Natural Swimming Pool, Surrey

Natural Swimming Pool, Surrey - Credit: Archant

Always on the cutting edge in the latest garden design trends, they’ve had a busy summer so far. Their team of expert gardeners has been hard at work responding to requests for the latest style in bespoke gardening for 2016: Naturalism.

Put simply, naturalism introduces more natural, softer landscaping and planting, in place of harder edges, and geometric shapes. More romantic in style, paved walkways make way for meandering paths, manicured lawns give over to wildflower meadows. The rambling rose is having a ‘moment’. Wilder planting and vivid colour are les belles du jour and excitingly swimming ponds are the new answer to traditional pools.

So how exactly can we introduce a little Naturalism into our own gardens? And what are the benefits? Here are Graduate’s top tips:

1. Consider a Swimming Pond.

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The most exciting trend in natural gardening this year, these beauties are majorly trumping traditional chlorinated pools. Already a favourite amongst celebrities (Guy Richie and his wife are fans) the softer boundary at waters edge is magical in any garden, with natural swimming a wilder and more romantic way to take a dip. Plus, filtration through a planting medium means the water is cleaned naturally- better for swimmers and the environment.

2. Create a Meadow in your Garden.

Havens for wildlife, garden meadows make beautiful areas you can fill with vibrant annual and perennial plant mixes. With wildflower turf your meadow garden will quickly flourish and bring colourful interest for a long season. Meadows are a great way to update a boring lawn with something more visually arresting. It can be fun to mow a path through the meadow for further interest.

3. Welcome Wildlife.

Creating an environmentally friendly garden means addressing the balance of nature in your garden. Encourage birds to nest, make your pond a home for frogs and toads, allow toadstools and fungus to grow in abundance and plant to attract butterflies and honey bees. Think about how you can let nature run riot outside your back door.

With so many ways you can update your garden to incorporate this trend, it’s worth getting the advice of the experts at Graduate Landscapes. Swimming ponds are more expensive to build than traditional pools, but once installed, easier to maintain with a simple pump and regular attention to planting. Meadows are less expensive to create but do require regular maintenance to ensure that ‘controlled wilderness’ look.

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