Margot tries the good life - from townie existence to country idyll

Margot's Goodlife

Margot's Goodlife - Credit: Archant

Meet our new columnist and her family as they swap their beloved townie existence for a country idyll

As autumn evenings are drawing in, it would appear that the Hampshire countryside has completely transformed Jerry and me, and the Big Smoke seems but a distant memory. Long walks amidst a bucolic landscape have had us itching to light the first of our countryside log fires so that it could be accompanied by the ubiquitous tea and crumpets or a little snifter of sloe gin – surely the prefect beginning to October! Our little darlings, Primrose and Poppy seem to have taken to country living like ducks to water too and are often to be found happily squelching through muddy puddles and trampling along the village lanes! Who would have thought it? To think that two months ago, we turned our backs on city living and moved to a tiny corner of the North Hampshire countryside. Dear reader, I can only imagine what the villagers were saying about us the day we moved in!

With all the brashness of the urban sprawl, crashing through the peace and quiet came a batty townie dreaming of the good life with her long suffering husband, forthright four-year-old, fearless toddler plus a couple of cats and a lively working cocker spaniel puppy. I am surprised we were given such a warm welcome. Arriving at our final destination, followed by an enormous removal lorry which blocked the route into and out of our new hamlet, it was rather like stepping into a world somewhere between the quaintness of Cranford and the intrigue of Midsomer Murders. Taken entirely by surprise, Jerry and I were greeted by a bunch of flowers thrust over the garden gate, making me feel like the village VIP. Perhaps, I thought to myself, my reputation had preceded me…

Since then, Jerry and I have been blissfully adjusting to a slower pace of life but it has not been without its hitches, I can assure you. Firstly, no phone line, no internet and mobile signal only when leaning out of a first-floor window. Then, I found myself one evening stumbling around in the pitch black outside trying to find the front door as I had forgotten that without street lamps everywhere would be covered in darkness. Dear old Jerry even took to plunging into large patches of mud in his Land Rover in a bid for the pristine jolly green giant not to stick out amongst the farm vehicles rattling along the track.

Monty, our puppy, also forced some introductions as he escaped across neighbouring farmland to chat up local fillies. A complete embarrassment when the villagers had already told us about the need for well-behaved dogs walking the boundaries of a nearby shoot. Thank the Lord he managed to keep his adolescent hormones to himself when our new vicar called round for tea. I can only blush at the thought of how he might have introduced himself to a member of the cloth, if recent behaviour is anything to go by!

Amidst warm welcomes, more flowers and invitations to drinks, there is still so much to look forward to this month.

The change in seasons has been marvellous to behold and with harvest suppers and autumn’s bounty upon us, I know that I shall be punch-drunk when I pop along to the Orchard Festival later on this month at the National Trust’s delightful haunt, The Vyne, to experience some old fashioned wassail.

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What a fabulous county Hampshire is, dear reader…but then you already knew that, didn’t you?


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