Martin Roberts: Bring on the mulled wine!

Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts - Credit: Archant

Our columnist looks ahead to the feel-good autumn/winter months

It’s hard to believe that the summer is over and we are in to the run up to Christmas already.

Perhaps it’s an inevitable side effect of growing old, but time seems to be passing at such speed that I feel like I’m an extra in a Doctor Who episode, and that I’m living in a Tardis that’s whipping across the galaxies and years.

People used to tell me that it accelerates even more when you have children and with a 10 and seven-year-old to push things along I find myself uttering the clichéd expression ‘Where has the time gone’? more and more.

But we are entering a truly lovely season of year in this glorious county of ours - as summer salads are replaced on menus by warming soups and crusty breads. The trees prepare to light up the hillsides in displays of autumn colour that lift the spirits and soothe the soul. The misty mornings drift timelessly across the Somerset Levels and jumper clad walkers reflect on the vistas that abound.

Excited children forage for conkers and pick succulent blackberries from abundant hedgerows. There’s Halloween apple bobbing and Bonfire Night treacle toffee, Advent calendars and letters to Father Christmas.

A change in the wind or the smell of autumn leaves send shivers of happy nostalgia through my body.

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I think my first memory is of walking through a deep carpet of leaves in an autumnal forest, laughing and kicking and falling without consequence, wearing a hand knitted jumper and matching bobble hat, cartoon character wellies and gloves with no fingers. I was probably two or three years old, and whilst there’s lots I’ve forgotten from the following 50 years, that image is clearly implanted and sharply focussed.

So bring on the autumn. Bring on the mulled wine and darker beers. Bring on scarf wrapped walks on misty mornings. Bring on this magical time of year. I’ve missed you

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