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Sailing forward with World Class Designs by Catherine Edwards

In January 2010, Moorcroft fine art pottery were awarded the “Outstanding Exhibitor Award” at the California Gift Fair in recognition of accomplishments in art pottery. It was over 100 years ago that a talented young potter named William Moorcroft, packed his boxes, and set off to St Louis, USA where he won a gold medal for his world-class ceramics.  From that defining moment, America and the World recognised that a new star in the applied arts had risen into the firmament.  Stores such as Tiffany of New York and Shreve & Co in San Francisco followed Liberty of London in recognising the Moorcroft contribution to the applied arts.

When he took over design in 1945 on the death of his father, Walter Moorcroft continued this tradition.  From his visits overseas, Walter admitted to being inspired by exotic flowers such as hibiscus, but he also developed patterns using British flowers like the anemone.  The Moorcroft colour palette was growing which provided an opportunity to explore new visions from across the world. Although he started down this road and created colourful oceanic creatures including seahorses, the process inexplicably stopped, and by the time of his retirement in 1987 only the broad floral designs remained with Walter’s name attached.

Today, Moorcroft designers are inspired by the natural world, a joy which is available to all and resounds loudly in the inner world of Moorcroft art. A world of truly inspired design from travels across oceans is a sanctuary. This living art pottery is made entirely by hand in almost exactly the same way as it was over a century ago. Each piece of Moorcroft is tubelined with liquid clay, a process not unlike icing a cake, and then hand-painted using techniques some of which date back to the 17th century.

The history of this delightful pottery is built on superb artistry and world-class design. Moorcroft designers today have the responsibility of maintaining this tradition of excellence.  If you would like to find out what is happening in contemporary design, both within the ceramic industry and the art world at large - think Moorcroft!  Every piece of Moorcroft tells a story. That story starts with the designer’s vision for surface design and the shape, but it continues with the trademark on the base of each piece, as well as Moorcroft marks, which identify the designer, the painter, and the tubeliner, and the dates of manufacture and copyright.  If a piece is a limited or numbered edition, this too is marked on the base of each piece. Moorcroft has one of the largest and most enthusiastic Collectors’ Clubs in the world today.

Today Moorcroft designers are inspired by the natural world, a joy which is available to all and resounds loudly in the inner world of Moorcroft art.

Senior designer at Moorcroft, Rachel Bishop, has created a range that truly touches the soul, where the movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata can literally be seen rippling in soft circles, as a blue haze whispers through stylised trees, and sails through cool azure waters. Nearly a century after the founding father of Moorcroft created the famous Florian Yacht vase, Rachel continues to create wonders for a new generation of Moorcroft enthusiasts. And so it is with other designers of Moorcroft today, whether they are inspired by their natural surroundings, or sailing into unchartered waters.

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Memories of the Seaside by Moorcroft designer, Kerry Goodwin has nothing whatever to do with a specific stretch of coastline either in the United Kingdom or anywhere else, what you see is an amalgam of images and not just one in particular.  Kerry will remember her childhood seaside visits, just like the rest of us, and she prefers the idea of Moorcroft collectors weaving their own story around the vase rather than the notion of doing the job for them.

 A fascination for small detail has enabled Kerry to design Memories of the Seaside with fishing boats, cliffs, seagulls - even hotels.  It is a design for everyone with memories of the seaside, and a limited edition of 200 pieces will preserve those memories for those who choose to keep them alive.

The organic creativity of Moorcroft designers, and the stories their art holds together with the consummate skills of the Moorcroft craftsmen and women, is probably what makes Moorcroft the finest art pottery in the world today. 

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