Morning deer walks at Arlington Court

Arlington Court are hosting deer rut walks

Arlington Court are hosting deer rut walks - Credit: Archant

Arlington Court will be hosting two morning deer walks on 13 and 19 October as part of the National Trust’s Great British Walking festival.

The Trust’s ‘Great British Walk’ is now in its third year, encouraging people to get outdoors and discover their countryside. This year the campaign focuses on getting visitors to share their favourite walks in places which are special to them.

Murray Sharpe, Outdoor Manager at Arlington, said: ‘Autumn is a great time of year at Arlington and is often considered the best season to visit. The trees come alive with orange, gold and red leaves; exotic-looking fungi haunt the woodland and I can practically guarantee seeing a deer on my way into work.’

Murray continued: ‘The Arlington estate runs to over 2,700 acres which includes open parkland, woodland and meadows – a perfect habitat mix for wild deer. Often, on early mornings or at dusk in October, they can be seen on the front lawn of the house, presenting a fantastic photo opportunity.’

The last heiress of Arlington Court, Miss Rosalie Chichester who passed the estate to the National Trust in 1949, had a desire to make the parkland into a nature reserve. Miss Chichester refused to allow any form of hunting on her land, including fishing the river. Today the deer population is managed by a professional stalker ensuring the herd remain at a healthy and sustainable number.

The mating season for red deer runs from the end of September through to November, and is known as the rut. Stags (male deer) will fight with their antlers and bellow across the valley to show their dominance. The victorious stag earns the right to mate with the herd of hinds (female deer).

To help promote walking on the estate the Arlington tearoom is offering a hearty casserole and pudding for only £9.95 from 1 to 27 October. As a special treat on 13 and 19 October the casserole will be made with venison.

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The deer walks begin at 8:45am and will be approximately 3 miles long, costing £4 for adults and £2 for children. All ages are welcome. For more information, or to book a place on the walk, please call Arlington Court on 01271 850296.