Mortimers Jewellers

Mortimers Jewellers - Credit: Archant

Founded in 1970, Mortimers has built up an impressive, specialist reputation for quality, value and service and continues its reign as the only Antique Jewellers in Devon.

Visit our shop in the heart of Exeter and enter a small, exquisite world of breathtaking beauty - a reflection of history’s finest legacies. Relax and browse amongst Antique Jewellery and Gifts. Enjoy a collection of eye catching pieces characterised by irreplaceable and remarkable craftsmanship.


As a family run business, Mortimers takes great pride in ensuring customers, who visit from across the whole of the South West, enjoy a traditional and memorable shopping experience, draw upon the expertise of staff, revel in exemplary personal service and leave with a piece of history to cherish. Exhilarating and only lacking in one respect - the mark ups that typify high street retailers.


Whether you’re looking for a gift designed to touch the heart, an antique investment or just want to treat yourself to a timeless piece of jewellery that deserves to be worn and loved, visit Mortimers.