Mum’s the word for fab new awards!

L-R: Amy Pye, Sales and Events Executive from Woodbury Park, Lucy Flanagan, the founder and creator

L-R: Amy Pye, Sales and Events Executive from Woodbury Park, Lucy Flanagan, the founder and creator of Mumazing Success, Olivia Forsey, Marketing Manager of Devon Life, and Chris Down, Managing Director of Crealy Great Adventure Park, gather to launch the Mumazing Awards - Credit: Archant

If you are an amazing Devon mum – or you know one who should be recognised – then new awards launching this month are just right for you

Mumazing Awards is an inspiring and celebratory event, recognising the wonderful achievements by amazing mums in Devon.

The event, sponsored by Crealy Great Adventure Park and supported by Devon Life, is taking place on Thursday, 21 July at Woodbury Park Hotel and Golf Club, inviting mums to a sparkly, glamorous lunch to celebrate the wonderful things mums from Devon and their close ones do.

You can nominate yourself or someone you know for an award. There are even categories for the team who support amazing mums, including a Grandparent and Man in Shining Armour Award. Who could forget them when drawing up these special awards? All awards are judged by credible judges and not based on votes.

Chris Down, Managing Director of Crealy Great Adventure Park says of his company’s involvement in the event: “Crealy is delighted to be the headline sponsor for the Mumazing Awards. Since we first opened our doors 27 years ago, one of our most important values as a company was to ensure family time together and this is still integrated into every aspect of our organisation today.

“As a family owned and operated business, we also adopt a flexible family-friendly approach as an employer and welcome thousands of families a year into our park. Mums have been integral in Crealy’s growth and development so we are passionate to support Lucy in recognising the amazing things they do with these Mumazing Awards.”

Andy Cooper, Editor of Devon Life, adds: “We are delighted and proud to be supporting these innovative and long overdue awards. What a fabulous thing to be able to recognise mums and their support network in this way. I am sure it will be a fabulous celebratory event on 21 July.”

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Take a look at the categories, we are sure you know someone who should be recognised.

These are the Mumazing Awards categories and criteria:

Entrepreneur Mum

A mum who takes risks, including financial ones, to make her business ideas happen. She is unstoppable and has a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to make things happen.

Business Mum

This mum has a successful business, with a great reputation and a good turnover. She has grown her business as well as running her family home and raising her children.

Best Mum Employer

This employer supports their mum employees and fully understands the commitments their mums have. They offer flexible working and show empathy with the pressures mums face.

Life Balance/Role Model Mum

A Mum who can prioritise and plan to spend quality time with her children, she goes after her dreams and spreads a powerful message to the world doing the very best for all involved.

Overcoming Adversity Mum

This mum has shown real strength and courage in a time of distress. She may have suffered heartache, trauma and challenges, but has chosen to use her experience to move forward.

Stay at Home Mum

A mum who has chosen to stay at home and be with her children. Every week is filled with family activities that are family centered so her little ones can be involved too.

Young Mum (18-25)

Becoming a mum can turn your life upside down, being responsible for a little person can be terrifying. This award goes to a young mum who has taken motherhood in her stride and stepped up to be responsible in this role.

Grandparent Award

A grandparent who steps in and looks after their grandchildren. Supporting the family home by helping with tasks and supporting their grandchildren, they offer advice and words of wisdom from the lessons they have learnt.

Man In Shining Armour Award

The man beside a mum’s side; loving and supporting her. He encourages you, believes in you and is the best dad you can ask for. He is a fantastic role model and people around admire him.

Mumazing Self Diamond Award

This award will be the overall category winner at the lunch and will be decided by the judges.

To apply or nominate someone for an award visit The closing date is 7 July 2016


The Mumazing Awards are inspired by Lucy Flanagan, the founder and creator of Mumazing Success.

Lucy says: “Mumazing mums go onto lead a life free of mummy guilt, reconnected with their true purpose, finding harmony in their relationships as well as being a positive role model to their children”.

Mumazing is inspired through Lucy’s own journey as a mum, she felt lost when her daughter was born and had the added burden of running a very stressful business. She looked around for support and found there is a lot of personal development help out there but it is non-specific to mums.

Lucy took herself on her own journey of self-discovery which resulted in her becoming a happier and more confident person. She soon started to talk to other mums and realised she wasn’t the only one that felt like she did; Lucy then went onto create Mumazing to fill that gap that was missing.

Lucy believes mums deserve to lead their true life purpose and live a life free of guilt whilst doing what they love. Lucy wanted to create the awards for Mums as in her words “Mums play such a big role in our society and they shouldn’t go unnoticed.”