Muse in the Garden: until May 12

Muse 5 Within Bordering by Chloe Fremantle

Muse 5 Within Bordering by Chloe Fremantle - Credit: Archant

Chloe Fremantle observes a year in the Oxford Botanic Garden

For the past year Chloe Fremantle, contemporary artist, has been observing the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Her paintings inhabit ambivalence, ‘visual haikus’, suspended between abstraction and figuration. Capturing the essence of the seasons as freshly dug earth transforms to summer flower-filled borders, seedpods, petals, leaves, stems and bark are captured in all their glorious colour and myriad patterns. She combines her depiction of flora with an element of topography to reflect the layout of the gardens, and a backcloth of distinctive sandstone walls. Essentially, Chloe has been exploring flora for thirty years, celebrating nature and the miracle of its unending beauty.

The gardens and gallery are open daily from 9-5 pm.

Jenny Blyth Fine Art, 133 Godstow Road Oxford OX2 8PG,