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The team at Myddleton Croft

The team at Myddleton Croft - Credit: Archant

Having a clear picture of your aspirations can make it easier to determine what type of investment planning works best for you.

Robert Feather, Senior Investment Manager; Julie Jones, Managing Director; Patrick Toes, Investment

Robert Feather, Senior Investment Manager; Julie Jones, Managing Director; Patrick Toes, Investment Director and Carolyn Black, Associate Director. - Credit: Archant

Structuring your investments for the future is a subject that is relevant for all of us, whether you are saving for your first home, putting money aside for your children’s education fees or making sure your pension fund will allow you to retire on your own terms. Sound investment management can be key to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.

What makes a ‘good investment’ and how to achieve a ‘good investment return’ are questions that many of us will ask, and the prospect of finding the answers to those questions can often be quite daunting. ISAs, SIPPs and offshore bonds may at first appear complex, so seeking expert advice can help to understand how these tax efficient investment vehicles can be of benefit.

Myddleton Croft (MCIM) is a discretionary investment management firm which has been providing investment advice for hundreds of clients in the Yorkshire area since 2006. The company is independent and privately owned by its employees, and the trust that it has built with its clients is an important part of its ethos. The team is rightly proud of its high client retention rate which it attributes to the personalised and approachable service that it provides to every single client.

A major priority for the team at MCIM is to build a good relationship with all clients which involves establishing the unique circumstances of every person they deal with. At MCIM, clients are a name, not an account number.

Knowing an individual’s financial picture - which includes their risk attitude, the amount they want to invest, as well as their aspirations for their money - allows the team of professionals to provide a bespoke service for every single client, no matter the size of their portfolio, with the aim of ensuring that their money works hard for them.

MCIM’S clients will receive regular updates on their investments and the investment team is always willing to answer any questions, whether they be specific to the client’s portfolio or world stock markets, including MCIM’s future outlook. Clients also have access to an online client portal so that they can log on and keep a close eye on their investments.

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MCIM recognises that many people already use the services of other experts in their financial management and the team has a wealth of experience in working together with financial advisers, solicitors and accountants to help achieve clients’ investment goals.

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