Myerscough Junior Football Development Club Ball

Lucy Stephenson and Lisa Molloy

Lucy Stephenson and Lisa Molloy - Credit: Archant

Supporters of a grassroots football club for more than 180 boys and girls staged a ball at the Barton Grange Hotel to raise money for life-saving equipment.

Membership of the Myerscough Junior Football Development Club is growing all the time, with teams using facilities at the college. They need more pitches but club officials want them to have their own defibrillators, each costing around £1,600.

Committee member Sophie Banks said a series of fundraisers would provide the equipment, which will be available for the wider community to use. In recent times, the club has raised £12,000 for local good causes, including Phoebe's Fund, which provides grief therapy for parents. Its current charity work involves the Worthington family who have a son playing for the under-9s team.

His twin brothers, who are aged six, were born 28 weeks early with cerebral palsy and are in desperate need of new wheelchairs each costing £3,500. Happily, the event was so successful it raised enough to buy both wheelchairs.

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