The 2018 National Laughter Championships in Manchester

The National Laughter Championships

The National Laughter Championships - Credit: Archant

The Comedy Store in Manchester to host the event on Sunday 2nd September

Robin Graham

Robin Graham - Credit: Archant

Robin Graham knows all about the serious business of laughter. He is one of the UK’s leading Laughter Therapists- founding the UK Laughter Network and the World Laughter Pledge- and the man responsible for organising the National Laughter Championships. They’re being held, appropriately enough, at The Comedy Store in Manchester on Sunday 2nd September.

‘Laughter can help everyone from those who want to be more productive, more creative or simply feel less stressed and more relaxed. I’ve worked with everyone from indivuals to corporate groups and, although there may be a bit of self-consciousness at the beginning, the great thing about laughter is that’s contagious and before long everyone is having a joyful time,’ says Robin.

The event is a community, not for profit one, so if you fancy going along to either watch or take part, you will leave feeling sure of one thing: laughter certainly is the best medicine!