Nature challenge linked with a healthier, happier you

Lewis Wilde enjoying 30 Days Wild on Exmouth beach

Lewis Wilde enjoying 30 Days Wild on Exmouth beach - Credit: Archant

Devon Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild scheme proved to be not only popular last year, but beneficial to participants health. Find out what’s involved.

30 Days Wild challenge

30 Days Wild challenge - Credit: Archant

With the weather improving and the flowers blooming, Devon Wildlife Trust have picked the perfect time to get people into their 30 Days Wild campaign. The plan ran in June 2015, and studies have found that there is a strong connection between nature and a happy and healthy life.

Not only did the plan raise participants’ awareness of nature, encouraging them to feed birds and growing flowers for bees, but according to Dr. Miles Richardson, Head of Psychology at the University of Derby, the health of those taking part improved. Dr. Richardson found that “Two months after taking part in 30 Days Wild, the number of people reporting their health as excellent increased by over 30%. And that improvement in health was influenced by the improvements in happiness and connection with nature”, so it makes sense that the scheme is returning for 2016.

Imogen Hussy taking part in the woods at Haldon Hill

Imogen Hussy taking part in the woods at Haldon Hill - Credit: Archant

Devon Wildlife Trust are asking people to do 1 ‘wild’ thing every day throughout June. It doesn’t have to be planting your garden and building homes for animals every day – it could be something as simple as smelling a flower. With loads of ideas online, and it being free, it’s no wonder that 18,500 participated last year, completing around 300,000 Random Acts of Wildness. This year Devon Wildlife Trust are aiming for one million – so get out there and smell the roses!

Have a browse of the Devon Wildlife Trust website to find out more about the scheme and the events that are taking place during it.