Newton Abbot just gets better

Erin Crowhurst with her dog Tallulah

Erin Crowhurst with her dog Tallulah - Credit: Archant

Newton Abbot is becoming even better says Erin Crowhurst

Erin Crowhurst

Erin Crowhurst - Credit: Archant

My name is Erin Crowhurst and I am nine years old. I am going to tell you about the many fabulous places in Newton Abbot.

It has a lovely cattle market, many parks and the town is stunning too!

One of my favourite parks is Decoy because I take my dog Tallulah for walks around the lake. Apart from that the town has lovely rivers, that flow through to the sea. Newton Abbot is also good for locating the beach and Moors and for those skaters out there it has an awesome skate park!

Newton Abbot has a fabulous cattle market where you can buy, see and sell animals. My Nan took me and my brother Mason, who is now seven, when we were younger. If you adore cows it’s the right place for you!

On Saturdays there is a market in the square as well as stalls in the precinct selling all sorts of things, such as; diy equipment, shoes, locally grown fruit and vegetables. People travel from other areas to go to our market because it is a place to buy incredible things.

Decoy Park is also a great place to go for a walk with your dog and go on a boat, in the hot summer. Weirdly my dog Tallulah doesn’t like other dogs because she is so tiny, I say her ears are too big for her head! When she sees other dogs she barks then hides, it makes my mum and Nan laugh! We have also taken Tallulah to the rivers Teign and Lemon . One day I put Talllulah in the river, it was funny! The rivers are also great for picnics and on hot days a lovely little paddle.

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Just outside the town, there is a lovely place called Bears Feet, a fun kids play area with some excellent food. One stunning memory I have is of me and my friends Holly and Weronika going down the slide. Sadly my other friend Amy was not there.

You will find there are several skate parks in and around Newton Abbot. My favourite that I visit a lot is called Sandringham. I go on my scooter and have an immense amount of fun going on the fabulous ramp. I have heard that Decoy’s one is even better however I haven’t been there yet, though I might be going soon. At both skate parks there are many great skate boarders, bikers and scooter riders. Roller Skating, going on my scooter and biking are things I am good at but I would also love to try and skateboard!

With all the super things to do in Newton Abbot there is hardly time for anything else!