Not just any old cider with Rosie

Some of the 100 varieties of apples pressed to create Rosie's Kiss cider

Some of the 100 varieties of apples pressed to create Rosie's Kiss cider - Credit: Archant

Day’s Cottage in Brookthorpe, Gloucestershire, is celebrating the centenary of the birth of Laurie Lee with a special batch of cider

Pouring the apples into the crusher

Pouring the apples into the crusher - Credit: Archant

This year marks the centenary of the birth of celebrated author Laurie Lee, famous for his autobiographical trilogy, beginning with ‘Cider With Rosie’.

The cider house where the cider is fermented

The cider house where the cider is fermented - Credit: Archant

As a tribute to the writer, himself born and bred in Gloucestershire, Day’s Cottage in Brookthorpe have produced a limited edition cider. We spoke to them about it.

Q: What have you called this limited edition cider?

The cider is called Rosie’s Kiss.

Q: What does Laurie Lee mean to you?

He was a local figure, a child of Stroud. I have chatted with him at apple events in the past and enjoyed his books. We also have a special connection with Spain and the Spanish Civil War [Laurie Lee lived and worked in Spain during the Spanish Civil War]

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Q: How do you think your cider would compare with the cider of Laurie Lee’s childhood in Gloucestershire during the early 1900s?

It would be very similar. We use much the same method as the cider makers of that time - fermenting the cider in oak barrels, using wild yeasts and no chemicals in the process. Because we also juice we are more particular about the quality of fruit than cider makers would have been in his day.

Q: How long did it take to create this special batch of cider?

It took several days of pressing using the 100 varieties of apple as they ripened, and 8 months of fermentation.

Q: Will you be producing batches of cider to honour other notable people in the future, or is this a one off?

Probably a one off, unless someone suggests another person with whom we have a sympathetic connection. It’s hard to find anyone as linked to the cider, the landscape and the history of Stroud as Laurie Lee!

Q: Will there be an opportunity for people to sample the Laurie Lee cider?

Yes, at the Farmers’ Market in Stroud every Saturday.

Q: Which three ciders from the Cotswolds would you recommend to cider enthusiasts?

Tom Oliver’s, Severn Cider and of course our own!

Q: Day’s Cottage has won several awards, including one of our Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards. What do awards like these mean to you?

It’s always good to have our hard work recognised and show that acknowledgement to our customers.

Q: Are there any upcoming events Day’s Cottage is involved with?

See and our own apple day events in October at Stroud Farmers’ Market, and here at Day’s Cottage (Date TBA).


Day’s Cottage is a family business continuing the tradition of cider and perry making in Gloucestershire.

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