What are the advantages of private healthcare?

Choosing private healthcare can allow you to receive the treatment you need on your own terms (c) sh

Choosing private healthcare can allow you to receive the treatment you need on your own terms (c) shironosov/Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Nuffield Health York Hospital explain how private healthcare can help you receive the treatment you need on your terms.

There are many misconceptions about the private sector undermining the NHS, but very often they have become the support network for the national infrastructure. Nuffield Health is a not for profit organisation which means that the money they raise is reinvested into their health facilities across the country. Indeed, the Nuffield Health group now has over 30 hospitals and 100 wellbeing centres nationwide.

The synergy with the NHS is best illustrated with the support The Nuffield Hospital in York provides in the local area with Bone Densitometry (DEXA) scans. The local NHS hospital does not have the facility for bone density scans and refers their patients to the Nuffield for this important procedure at no extra cost to the NHS.

Choosing private healthcare isn’t necessarily an indictment of the national healthcare system, it can be a choice that you make that allows you to undergo the treatment that you need on your terms and ultimately provide more health facilities for the local area.

The Nuffield Health York Hospital specialises in treatments such as procedures for orthopaedic issues, cataracts, hernias and kidney stones. Many of the procedures offered are designated as procedures of limited clinical value by the NHS meaning that they may not be available through the NHS.

As with all conditions, you would initially see your own GP first who would then refer you to a specialist but taking the private option means that you can receive the diagnosis, and if necessary, the surgery you need on your own terms.

Although your health always comes first, the uncertainty of when you can be seen, means you may have to drop everything in order to fit appointments and procedures into your diary, something that can cause inconvenience to people with busy lives.

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With such long waiting times elsewhere, one of the benefits is that patients can be seen quickly or can choose the ideal time for their procedure, for example after a holiday or during school break, or at a time that doesn’t clash with an upcoming major event in your life.

At Nuffield Health York you see the same specialist from the initial diagnosis and then through every stage of your required course of treatment, meaning you have a more personalised and dedicated service. The hospital has 40 en-suite rooms for their patients which means that you receive the highest standards of healthcare available.

Traditionally, most people access private healthcare through their health insurance policies, but there is an increasing amount of people who are opting for the self-funding option. Very often, people have put money aside in their savings rather than paying into an insurance policy and use those funds to finance their surgery. The team at Nuffield have a dedicated enquiry team that can help you establish what your health plan covers or even help you finance your treatment with the aid of a interest-free medical loan.

To find more about the services available at Nuffield York, call 01904 715235 or email york.enquiries@nuffieldhealth.com