On board Discovery

Brunel’s dream is being fullfilled as cruises sail from Bristol

Cruise & Maritime Voyages made history by being the first cruise company to sail from Bristol Avonmouth in 20 years. CMV has seven cruises in 2013 and another nine scheduled for 2014.

The company is established as a major player in the UK cruise business and the development is described as being important for both Bristol Avonmouth and Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

In historic terms it fulfills Brunel’s dream by seeing an ocean going metal ship in the Bristol Channel. The port will be handling the turnaround arrangements for up to 1,400 passengers as each cruise ends and a new one begins. This movement will happen each day as the company’s traditional style ship Discovery disembarks the leaving passengers then later the same day welcomes another group of 700 people on board for their cruise departure in the late afternoon bringing business to the community from 1,400 visitors.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages (www.cruiseandmaritime.com 0844 414 6185)