Paul Gaunt

Paul Gaunt

Paul Gaunt - Credit: Archant

Make Blackpool’s leading furniture store part of your family. Remember when all your family’s furniture would come from one trusted store?

You would hover by the window waiting for a glimpse of the delivery van. As the uniformed men set to work, next door’s curtains would start twitching.


That was when buying furniture was an event. At Paul Gaunt, it still is.


Furniture isn’t like any other purchase. How it looks - and how it makes you feel - is every bit as important as what it does. Great furniture makes your home a happier place. It’s a part of the family. We think your furniture store should be part of the family too.

Meet Paul

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I’m Paul Gaunt. I sold my first sofa when I was seven (yes, it was a while ago). Since then I’ve got to know the people behind the biggest contemporary brands and I’ve brought the best of what they do to my Blackpool furniture store.


The furniture people choose here is a glorious balance of form and function; the practical and innovative mixed with ‘got to have it’ style and beauty.


It’s sold by people who love what they do and care about matching the perfect piece to its ideal owner.


Everything is still delivered by cheery, uniformed people in liveried vans. It’s still an event. And we still see the odd curtain twitch.


Visit my Blackpool furniture store

Find ideas for a more stylish home, brought to life through stunning design, exceptional craftsmanship and brilliant value.


Make us part of the family. Visit our furniture store or distribution centre, or order online.

Paul Gaunt - The name in the finest homes


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