Pick your own strawberries this summer

Pick your own strawberries at Daylesford

Pick your own strawberries at Daylesford - Credit: Archant

Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire has opportunities for visitors to pick their own strawberries

Daylesford Pick Your Own

Daylesford Pick Your Own - Credit: Archant

Visit Daylesford organic farm in Gloucestershire on Saturday June 28, and Saturday July 5, to forage in their market garden and pick your own juicy summer strawberries.

Daylesford’s top tips for strawberry picking:

‘The weather promises to be hot and sunny, perfect for strawberry picking and strawberry eating. We’ve got a special soft spot for the big red Honeoye variety, turning bright red and ripe on our strawberry bushes, because they are plum, juicy and very sweet, and are without doubt, a true taste of British summer.’

• Be gentle, strawberries bruise and scar easily

• Twist your strawberries off the vine rather than pulling them

• Don’t cram your containers, no more than 2 layers is ideal

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• For full-flavoured, longer lasting berries, pick only the ones that are bright red and firm

• Look deep into the plant to find those big fat hidden gems

• Wear a hat and sun-cream – there’s no escaping the sun in the market garden

• Come early, strawberries are best picked cool before the midday sun – for you and the strawberries – and don’t eat too many, leave room for lunch in our organic café


Saturday June 28, and Saturday July 5, from 10am-4pm.

£4.50 per kilo (minimum pick of 2 kilos)

For more information, visit: www.daylesford.com