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Pour Moi

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Dr Awad is the founder of Pour Moi Cosmetic Clinic, which is based in Canford Cliffs, providing safe, high quality cosmetic treatments with 20 years of experience and is well known for her sheer artistry in giving cosmetic treatments.

She puts a drop of filler here and there, or freezes a muscle or two, or gives one of her many facial peels and other treatments and the tell-tale signs of ageing are erased and you have lost years. Yet the improvements can be so subtle and natural looking, that no one is able to discern that you have had any treatments. Your transformed appearance is relaxed and glowing with radiant smooth skin, fuller lips and a tighter jaw line.


The clinic offers clients a wide range of treatments all of which have been scrutinized for their potential and effectiveness; different types of fillers and facial treatments to suit your skin type and your needs; intense pulse light (IPL), salt peels, chemical peels and much more.


We also offer various body treatments. Endermologie helps you slim and breaks down cellulite whilst detoxing your entire system. The magic Advanced Intense Light Pulse machine can treat unwanted veins, acne, skin pigments, broken veins and generally rejuvenate the skin.


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Established favourites

Freezing of forehead lines - Smooth out crow’s feet, horizontal and frown lines

Semi-Permanent Make-up - Enhance your eyes, eyebrows and lips

Lip Enhancement - redefine lip contour and restore volume

Dermal Fillers - Restylane, Teosyal and Juvederm

Sculptra - for high cheek bones and sunken cheeks


Obaji & Jan Marine Products

Intense Pulsed Light




Wrinkle Relaxation

Freeze your forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet with beauty toxin. Wrinkle Relaxation - This technique is to improve the appearance of “worry lines”, “frown lines”, “crow’s feet” and “laughter lines”.