Time for a Spring Clean? Switch your mattress to stay cool this Summer

Find the perfect night-time set-up

Find the perfect night-time set-up - Credit: Archant

For 60 years, Prestige Beds have been the go to company for those seeking bed shops in Manchester and across Lancashire. They share their expert advice on how to get a good night’s sleep in the summer months.

Spring doesn'’t mean you need to forgo a sense of cosiness

Spring doesn'’t mean you need to forgo a sense of cosiness - Credit: Archant

Spring is here at last. The air is warming and the nights are shortening, which are the first signs that we’re due higher temperatures in our bedrooms. Your sleep may become lighter and more restless. But this is a great excuse to get rid of an older, outdated mattress and make way for a spring clean that’ll freshen up your night-time routine.

Here’s what a new mattress can do for you as the seasons change.

A cooler sleep base

Prestige Beds have a wide range of options to suit all needs

Prestige Beds have a wide range of options to suit all needs - Credit: Archant

Dense layers of material can be too warm for spring and summer. The thicker it is, the more heat it will trap. Plus, your current mattress could be 10 years old or more… Well-lived mattresses lose their ability to regulate warmth effectively as a natural result of compression and sinking over time. It’s much better to go for a contemporary model that’s been built with modern mattress design in mind.

Gel hybrid mattresses, for example, are very adaptable. They keep you perfectly toasty or cool because they absorb and regulate your body temperature. What’s more, they’re reliable. Gel foam inserts take many, many years to wear down. You’ll have an all-round mattress that fits the season, whenever the air changes.

It’s about your wellbeing too

Ready for another delivery

Ready for another delivery - Credit: Archant

During winter, we’re betting that you don’t open your window as much. And that makes sense; better to conserve heat than to let it escape. Yet your mattress hasn’t been exposed to fresh air for several months, leaving a masking of dust and (potentially) mites or bugs between the sheets.

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Buying a new mattress means you aren’t exposed to any irritants. Start off summer with a fresh investment, and as you’ll have your windows open more during the following months, the condition will be maintained and you’ll have an irresistible, aired room to sleep in throughout the season and beyond.

You should always remain comfortable

Yes, we use less bedding than autumn or winter, but spring doesn’t mean you need to forgo a sense of cosiness. Far from it, in fact. Natural products can enfold you whilst letting heat out. 100% cotton is one of the finest solutions – a mattress topper, for example, will be totally breathable. The same goes for bamboo, another natural fibre.

Some duvets, meanwhile, are derived from wood pulp. They can align with a gel mattress to push the temperature down as you’re sleeping and wick away any moisture. With the added natural elements, you’re free of irritation too – and more comfort leads to sounder sleep.

Prestige Beds was founded by James Dunne in 1959 in Blackburn and the company was one of the first in the country to specialise in bed and mattress sales. We now have branches across Lancashire in Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and Salford and to celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’ll have special deals in each of our stores throughout Spring.

Discover our range of mattresses and their unique properties by calling 01254 681 082. Our experts will guide you towards the perfect sleep base for every season. We also have headboards, divans and bedsteads to consider whilst you’re prepping for a spring clean. Rejuvenate your bedroom, and it’ll repay the favour with eight hours of blissful Zzzs.

When you visit one of our stores, you can enjoy professional advice from our highly experienced, highly trained sleep experts to help you make the right choice.

Once you have made your purchase, the service doesn’t end there. Delivering your items involves a free two man white glove delivery with a one hour time slot, free assembly in your room of choice, removal and recycling of all packaging and we can recycle old unwanted beds for a small fee. It’s no wonder that we have over 1,000 five star online reviews.


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