Pub Dog: Good golly, Miss Hollie!

Hollie at The Manor, Weston-on-the-Green

Hollie at The Manor, Weston-on-the-Green - Credit: Archant

Hollie, of The Manor at Weston-on-the-Green, positively oozes charm

Name: Hollie

Address: The Manor at Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire

Age: Eight to ten-ish

Sex: Female

Breed: Golden Labrador

A couple of years ago my then owners were moving away and needed to find another home for me. While having a drink at The Manor they got talking to general manager Christian and he said they were thinking of getting a hotel dog. The very next day I was brought in, complete with food bowl, and I found my fabulous new home!

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You’ll be pleased to hear, dear reader, that I settled straight in to hotel living – I think I was probably born to life at The Manor – and most definitely have the best of both worlds: the run of 12 glorious acres of grounds in the day and a cosy home in the evenings with Amanda or Nick (yes, I have not just two homes, but three – lucky girl, eh!). Amanda has a Boxer called Harry; we get on brilliantly and can often be found snuggling up together on the sofa. The funny thing is, he’s a bit rufty-tufty at other times, but with me he’s dead soft.

I’m getting a bit creaky in my mature years and have to bunny-hop downstairs these days, but I like to think I’m still able to make good use of the huge playground. I certainly keep the sheep on their toes!

Favourite food:

At Amanda’s house, for breakfast every morning Harry has a sausage, Bonio, Dentastix and a Schmacko, so for fairness I have exactly the same. Not too shabby. They say you should breakfast like a king, so that’s what I do… but for balance I’m on Hill’s Science Plan for the rest of the day to maintain my svelte figure.

Favourite pub snack:

A girl needs to know how to use her charms, so – and I’m giving away my secrets here – I like to lie in front of the fire in the front hall during afternoon tea and give the guests the ‘eye’ treatment. Works a treat… I just have to be careful Amanda or Nick aren’t watching.

Favourite customer:

So many people come and go here, but I do try to be friendly with them all. Everyone seems pleasantly surprised when I greet them at the door; not every hotel has a ‘Hollie’, it would seem. I’m very fond of Harry the maintenance man, and he sometimes takes me to the pub down the road, The Black Sheep.

Walk of choice:

There’s the Bure Park nature reserve across the road from Amanda’s house in Bicester that I love playing in; she also takes me to Stoke Wood, which is a great place to explore. Then, of course I have those 12 acres and those sporting sheep…

Favourite spot at bar:

It has to be in the front hall, usually by the fireplace, or with my friends on reception, though I do like to wander into Bertie’s Bar from time to time. When I want a bit of peace and quiet I’ll have a lie down under Amanda’s desk.

Favourite toy/collar, etc:

I don’t have a particular toy I’m attached to, but I was given a squeaky duck for Christmas which I quite like. Harry got one too but destroyed his almost immediately; mine’s still going strong.

Dislikes/pet hates:

Nothing bothers me too much; I get a bit jittery if children rush up to me too quickly, but other than that I’m a pretty relaxed girl.

Dog’s danglies (top drink):

Louis XIII cognac by Rémy Martin – at least 40-100 years old, and £180 a shot.

Hair of the dog (hangover cure):

Benoit’s top tip is a squeeze of lemon in warm water, with perhaps a little sugar and a drop of Angostura bitters.


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