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Valentine's Day is a big deal at the Kinsella residence!

Valentine's Day is a big deal at the Kinsella residence! - Credit: Archant

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Love on the slopes!

Love on the slopes! - Credit: Archant

Babies, babies, babies

Since Martin and I got married in December the question on everyone's on lips seems to be 'when are you having babies?' Personally, I think it's rather an intrusive question. There are many reasons why a couple may or may not want babies, and just as many reasons why it may not be possible. Also - why does society still assume that just because a couple marries, babies are next on their list of things to do? It's a huge subject and one that raises considerable debate. Personally, although I do really want children, I can't help worrying about becoming a mum and then being the kind of mum I want to be, and being able to run a business too. Often it seems like Martin and I are already spinning so many plates that I can't imagine where on earth will would fit a baby into all of this! Every mum I talk to says 'you just manage' or 'your life fits around your baby' and of course as much as I know Martin will be a hands-on dad, I still feel more of the responsibility will lie with me. It all just seems a little daunting, I guess, and sometimes I do feel like we need a bit of time to enjoy being a married couple before babies come along. I know, these are the same fears of every working woman. But then, I am a working woman with the same hopes and dreams and am faced with the same choices and decisions and challenges - and shall work everything out in my own way, in my own time, with the support of my wonderful husband.

Valentine's Day

Now usually we do not make a fuss on Valentine's Day, but with it being our first Valentine's as husband and wife I thought I'd go all out! We invited a few couples over for a Valentine's dinner party at our apartment and I really wanted it to feel and look special.

I follow a few American influencers and knew they made a big deal of it in the States, from Valentine's trees to roses and home décor. I knew the Christmas Decorators had recently started Valentine's decorating so thought I'd get them in to transform the house! Martin was convinced it was all 'girly nonsense', but by the time they'd left he loved all the decorations too!

Skiing in Morzine

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Every year a group of dentists head to the slopes for the highly anticipated annual SkiPD trip, a training course out in Morzine that combines learning and skiing!

All 14 of us stayed in an amazing chalet and Martin had been asked to do a presentation on aesthetics for dentists. He was fabulous and very well received.

The weather and snow conditions were fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - as well as learning a thing or two!


Martin and I also attended IMCAS, one of the world's largest aesthetic conferences, based in Paris. Specialists and professionals from all over the globe gathered in the French capital to share and impart knowledge. We attended many interesting seminars and networked with like-minded colleagues. Martin and I are launching our own training academy, starting with two-day courses for people who are looking to develop their injectables skills after already taking foundation courses.

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