RHS Malvern Spring Festival and Cotswold Gardening School Launches a new ‘Festival Gardens’ Category

RHS Malvern Spring Festival runs from May 8-11

RHS Malvern Spring Festival runs from May 8-11 - Credit: Archant

RHS Malvern are presenting a new look to their 2014 Malvern Spring Gardening Show, with a brand new category to boot.

RHS Malvern are presenting a new look to their 2014 Malvern Spring Gardening Show.

As part of a transformation the show will become the RHS Malvern Spring Festival, and in celebration they are introducing a new category of four innovative and creative show gardens. These will be the Festival Gardens.

RHS Malvern are launching a national competition to offer opportunities to stage a garden within this new category. They are hoping to encourage and inspire new and inexperienced gardening talent. The Cotswold Gardening Schoolwill be offering free guidance and practical support, both through the development stages and the actual garden build, so those lacking in practical experience are still encouraged to enter.

‘Festival Gardens’ can embody any concept and could embrace new technology, trends and materials. RHS Malvern want to give the designer the freedom and opportunity to express themselves through the medium of plants and the garden.

This year the show gardens will be located at the heart of the Festival next to their new Village Green with its Celebrity Theatre. The show gardens will be right at the centre of the whole festival experience.

The space for the garden is provided free of charge and there is a £3,000 grant on offer to each designer to support the cost of the build. Designers will also be encouraged to seek additional sponsorship to help them to achieve the very best quality gardens to inspire and excite the passionate and dedicated visitors attending the show.

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Application forms must be submitted by March 1, accompanied by:

- A proposed colour plan of your garden on an A3 sheet at a scale of 1:20. Please label any aspects of your garden that might not be obvious.

- A 3D visualisation of your garden - this can be an axonometric drawing, a Sketchup model 2D graphic, an elevation drawing, a photographic overlay or a perspective

drawing. Anything that helps us to better understand your concept and see the design in three dimensions.

- A written description of the garden including concept, content and purpose.

- A preliminary planting scheme and list.

- They are also interested in any sketchbook work, rough ideas sheets and mood boards although these are not compulsory.


For application forms, queries or to discuss ideas, contact:

Caroline Tatham on 01453 899018 / email: caroline@cotswoldgardeningschool.co.uk

or Nina Acton on 01684 584919 / email: nina@threecounties.co.uk

Visit the RHS Malvern Spring Festival website for more details: www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/rhs-malvern-spring-festival/2014