Rufford’s Country Store on Spring and Summer Countrywear style

Countrywear doesn't always have to be traditional, you can go for a more modern look

Countrywear doesn't always have to be traditional, you can go for a more modern look - Credit: Archant

Compiling your countrywear wardrobe should combine comfort, practicality and style.

Add a splash of colour to your look with brght accessories

Add a splash of colour to your look with brght accessories - Credit: Archant

If you enjoy the great outdoors, then what you choose to wear is important, you need something that is practical, but also protects you against the elements. However, functional country attire isn’t always the most stylish at times, so how do you combine style and substance when choosing outdoor country clothing?

Lancashire based Clarke and Pulman Ltd have been the North West’s leading supplier of agricultural machinery for almost two decades and in the Winter of 2018, they launched Rufford’s Country Store, an in store and online country lifestyle retailer in Garstang specialising in designer, branded clothing.

The concept is to create a collection that consists of classic country attire as well as modern pieces which reflect the latest trends in fashion. The main emphasis is on quality; durable and practical clothing is the cornerstone of any countrywear wardrobe and offering something different means that people from all walks of life can look great and enjoy the comfort of well-made clothing.

Laura Rossell is the Retail Manager for Rufford’s and is tasked to study the latest fashion trends and is currently acquiring all the latest items from a number of top-quality brands for the Spring/Summer collection.

For women, the main theme of this season is soft, bright colours with an emphasis on pastels such as coral, pink and yellows. For the more bold among you, a dash of vibrant red or a animal print shirt can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Accessories are all about large bold statement pieces that add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. From bright Clare Shaw silk scarves to neon Annabel Brocks belts, adding a small bit of colour can make all the difference to your look.

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That being said, the classics will always be popular in Ladies country clothing, the Chelsea boot will always be a staple of country wear and the blue and white striped Breton t-shirt is also predicted to be a big seller on the high street.

For men, country attire will also centre on the classics such as earth colours, tweed and checks. However, the colours of the season will be ‘summertime blues’. Blue hues such as cobalt, sky blue and aqua will give you a modern twist on your look.

There is a growing demand for tailored tweed jackets to go alongside the traditional double-breasted suit jackets and wax jackets, you can add colour to your outfit by going bold with your choice of shirt.

Assembling a country wear wardrobe is unlike buying clothes from the high street. Most modern clothing is only durable enough to last a season before we go out and buy the latest fashions after a few months. Buying countryside attire means that you should compliment your long-lasting classic items with accessories and secondary items that reflect the latest trends.

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