Scandinavian interior design and gifts in the heart of Chester

Shabby chic at Scandinavian Home

Shabby chic at Scandinavian Home - Credit: Archant

Is Scandinavian ‘shabby chic’ the next latest trend in store for Cheshire homes?

Scandinavian Living has a whole range of gift ideas

Scandinavian Living has a whole range of gift ideas - Credit: Archant

With the global phenomenon that is IKEA and the emergence of the Hygge concept, Scandinavian interior design has become familiar to many households across the world in recent years. A new store in the heart Chester is looking to establish ‘shabby chic’ as the latest trend in Cheshire homes.

Nina Lindberg ran a successful ‘home party’ business in Charlottenberg, close to the Swedish and Norwegian border. She first came to Chester ten years ago to visit her daughter and soon fell in love with the historic city, it became her dream to bring her passion for Scandinavian design and lifestyle here.

That dream became a reality when in June 2018, she signed the lease on her first shop in Chester at 19 St Werburgh Street, opposite the iconic Cathedral.

Feedback from customers has been positive as the store has something for everyone, in the quirky and unique little shop called Scandinavia Living, you can find a whole range of fantastic, unique and stylish Scandinavian items from gifts and kitchenware to Viking drinking horns, sculptures and even Scandinavian food and candy.

The success of Scandinavian Living has inspired Nina to open a second store just a few doors up the street at 25 St Werburgh Street called Scandinavia Home that will specialise in

Scandinavian themed lifestyle and design products for your home.

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Nina said: ‘The first store has quickly become too small for everything that we sell, so we decided to keep the original store as a shop that sells gifts and small items for the passing visitors and expand the interiors side of the business into the second store which will focus more on exclusive interiors products that are imported from Scandinavia’.

One of the more popular items from the interiors range are the real furs that are made from a variety of materials, from long hair sheep to reindeers, these are versatile in that they can be used for throws on your sofa or even as rugs.

Nina has also designed a bespoke range of furniture and homeware, including a centrepiece table and chair set that can be rented out for a small party of six, ideal if you’re planning a Viking dinner themed party in your home.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Nina has also imported her successful ‘Shabby Chic Home Party’ business over from Sweden. Based on the traditional open house party model of brands such as Avon, the home party allows the host to invite their friends to view a unique selection of Scandinavian themed interior design products at close hand and place orders or buy on the day.

Unlike many other parties, the host does not pay a fee to hold their event and they will also receive specialist training from professional interior consultants to enable them to fully explain the concepts and specific details of all the products that are featured. The added bonus of hosting a party is that you will receive a special gift of your choice worth £60 from the Scandinavian Home store.

Nina is also looking for consultants based in the Cheshire area to train party hosts, the earning potential for consultants ranges from £25 - £80 per hour.

To find out more about the Scandinavian Home Parties visit:

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