Seashells on the seashore

Randa with children Zak and Emmy

Randa with children Zak and Emmy - Credit: Archant

SOMERSET’S seashores have provided the inspiration for a young mother to set up her own business featuring fashionable jewellery and homeware.

Randa Abdullah carefully selects her materials from the remains left behind on beaches around the county.

She started making necklaces, earrings and other products by selecting shells and driftwood 18 months ago and her creations now feature in shops across the county.

Randa, who has lived in Axbridge for eight years, says she particularly loves trekking along beaches in Sand Bay near Weston-super-Mare, Berrow, Brean and Minehead for any buried treasures she can use.

“My son Zak asks me why we always need to look for sticks when we go to the beach.

“It’s good to go to different places as you can get different coloured pebbles on different beaches,” says the 36-year-old.

“I love seeing what I can do with what I pick up and what I can turn it into.

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“I try to use recycled materials for everything.

“Even the backs of the clocks are made of recycled plywood.”

Randa started showcasing her work, which includes mirrors, plaques and signs, as well as jewellery, after the birth of her daughter.

Her partner Lee gave her a driftwood mirror he had made for her, that inspired her, and she never looked back.

She now stocks her line in TreeTop Carvings in Cheddar Gorge and Beach Pottery in Clevedon.

She also recently featured it in a pop-up shop in Bristol and is receiving commissioned work from brides and grooms through her Facebook page.

“It’s started to snowball so much that I think I’m going to need to get extra childcare,” Randa continued.

“I’ve always liked to be creative and to use that side of my brain.

“I’d eventually like to have my own shop in Cheddar Gorge – and who knows – I might be able to stock other people’s creations.

“You can’t get better than things made locally.”