Secret places of Dartmoor

Tom enjoys the swing by the stepping stones

Tom enjoys the swing by the stepping stones - Credit: Archant

Thomas Taylor from Decoy Primary School in Newton Abbot describes his experiences on Dartmoor.

Dam building with the family

Dam building with the family - Credit: Archant

In this article you will read about Haytor, Widdicombe, dam building and the serene stepping stones, which has a charming sunset in the evening. Dartmoor is good for energetic people and those who like to relax.

At West Dartmeet you can discover the stepping stones, one of my favourite places on Dartmoor to visit because you can have a really brilliant time, with your family.

My nan said “I recommend this place it’s brilliant, it’s lovely.”

You walk about one mile from opposite the car park, then you come to the magical stepping stones. When you are there you have two options, step over the stepping stones or walk through the river. On the other side there is a tree swing, above a lot of boney roots and the river that you can play in.

The river is deep enough to have a paddle. The water has some big stones but it doesn’t hurt your feet that much. Be careful on the swing because my brother fell off from a very high height!

You can have a BBQ and it will just fit a normal sized tent. It also has a lovely sunset that reflects beautifully on the river, in the summer.

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Haytor is a Tor on Dartmoor. I think Haytor is the best Tor because you can have a picnic and it is supreme for rock climbing.

One of my memories of being there is walking up the big hill saying “I’ve got leg ache I’m going to die!” Another memory is shooting mum with a water pistol. It was fun!

There is a great place for dam building on Dartmoor, it’s a valley with the River Ashburn running through the middle of it. On the top of the valley there is a stream with lots of stones so you can make brilliant, sturdy dams. We enjoyed setting up our little tent and having a BBQ, next to the River Ashburn. We have enjoyed this many times over the years, since I was a little boy. My twin brother and my little brother love having water fights and BBQs too, daddy is a very good cook!

Widecombe is a peaceful village. It has a church, car park and free toilets. I love Widecombe church, it got damaged a long time ago, they say the devil came and struck a thunder bolt which fired through the church’s roof so when people came to church there was a massive big hole. Widecombe is a good small village, I would say it is the best village on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor is an exciting place, I hope you love it too!