Silvanus Interiors

Silvanus Interiors

Silvanus Interiors - Credit: Archant

Staircases: This is the field in which we excel. All hand made in our workshop, using carefully sourced hardwood timbers.

Our staircases are as unique as each piece of wood we use; they are designed, made, finished and fitted by our team of craftsmen, using time proven techniques. No one to this day has found a machine that could replace the hand and this, along with experience, is the main tool we have used over the past 25 years. Straight, curved or grand staircases, there isn’t yet a challenge that we haven’t been able to meet and should you wish, we can compliment the underneath of your chosen piece by a soffit or by carving the balusters or newel posts. The craftsmanship we use in making our staircases also applies to our furniture. Care and attention, commitment to quality and your utmost satisfaction are the parameters we work to. Because of our background, we can design and craft a piece in any of the styles you like.


Handrails: The skills required to do hand railing are disappearing fast. The training we’ve received has given us that lost knowledge in the old ways. Geometry, two or three dimensional, is part of our daily work so curved handrails are not an issue. Woodcarving: This is another skill, or maybe art, which is disappearing fast. People committed to excellence and perfection are becoming an endangered species. We are lucky to have one of those working with us. Julia Meredith has a background in restoration, having gained a City & Guilds in “Advanced Craft in Furniture Restoration”. She then went on to train for 10 years at Dick Reid’s studio in York. Julia works independently from us but, as she has her bench in our workshop, it means that we work closely together. Julia will gladly take on private commissions, or add that artistic touch to any work we take on. We are very good at what we do, and that’s because we handle each piece from start to finish.

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