Sir Chris Hoy the special VIP guest at the Rich Therapies launch in Bowdon

Rich Therapies co-founders Sylvan and Jay Richardson with Sir Chris Hoy - Jason Lock Photography

Rich Therapies co-founders Sylvan and Jay Richardson with Sir Chris Hoy - Jason Lock Photography - Credit: Jason Lock

Sir Chris Hoy was the rather special VIP guest at the launch of Rich Therapies in Bowdon recently.

The legendary Olympian looking extremely svelte and rather handsome it has to be said, was there with wife Sarra in support of owner of the therapy rooms Sylvan Richardson and his wife Jay in the fabulous new space devoted to the wellbeing of body and mind.

‘Sylvan asked me to come down ,’ explained Sir Chris, who now lives in Cheshire.

‘ I haven’t seen much of him these days since he was treating me and my team mates regularly in Beijing that’s how I met Sylvan. It was just remedial massage and he worked at the Institute of Sport.’

Life since giving up competitive cycling has been a bit of a roller-coaster he revealed in a quick chat before heading into the party, held in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

‘I still ride my bike and still go to the gym and do a modified training programme but it’s not anything like it was before. You don’t have the injuries for a start, you don’t have the same aches and pains every time you wake up, you don’t groan every time you get out of bed in the morning so it’s a nice level of activity now.’

Anything the great Olympian misses?

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‘I just miss the routine,’ he says.

‘ I miss seeing the guys and the girls at the track centre and the social side of it is a big part of it too - but in terms of the exercise I’m still on my bike most times of the day.’

And he’s not been idle since he notched up his 6th gold medal in London a year ago.

‘I’ve my own business now,’ he says.

‘I’ve got my own range of bikes that came out two months ago Hoy Bikes (pictured left)and it’s been a really enjoyable process and very satisfying when you see your first person out on a bike - they’ve chosen to buy your bike and they’re enjoying it. There’ll be more bikes coming out in the next few years - yes it’s very, very exciting. I’m still involved in the sport and I’m an ambassador with the Commonwealth games next year, working with the Scottish team and hopefully the British team as well for Rio, 2016. I’m doing stuff for sponsors still, for charity I do a bit of motor racing so it’s all kinds of stuff.

‘I’ve never been busier actually that’s the one thing that’s changed I struggle trying to fit it all in. The very predictable structure goes out the window, you’re travelling a lot and there’s a lot more variety and you can have a social life when you have a time.’

Is there anything he’s got the chance to do that he hadn’t before?

‘Motor racing that’s the biggest thing really - because I’ve always been into cars. It was just the time because whenever you weren’t training you were recovering from training or racing so the time you had was ring-fenced. you were eating and racing and nothing else. So yeah it’ great to do something completely different and it still gives you that adrenaline rush and it’s a little bit competitive and that’s great’.

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