Space lectures at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Science Centre

Science Centre - Credit: Archant

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium presents the final Space Lecture in the spring series: 9th July 2014 - The Birth and Death of Stars and the Origin of the Elements

Prof Robin Catchpole (Cambridge University).

The evening consists of a lecture and a short planetarium show about the month’s night sky. Winchester Science Centre is pleased to welcome back Professor Robin Catchpole. Prof Catchpole works as an astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. Since his last visit to Winchester Science Centre, he has appeared in the BBC4 programme ‘Seven Ages of Starlight’ which was shortlisted for an award at the 2013 BNAFF World Media Festival.

The birth and death of stars lecture is the story of the interaction of matter and gravity, the origin of the heavy elements and some of the biggest bangs in the universe. The lecture will explain the intimate connection between the birth and death of stars and the origins of big atoms, planets and even life.

If this illuminating space lecture sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, visit the Winchester Science Centre website for further booking information. Don’t miss out!

The event hosts two sittings for guests at 4.30pm (£8/£6) and 6.30pm (£10/£8). Book online at: or call: 01962 891925