Stanedge Grange

Stanedge Grange

Stanedge Grange - Credit: Archant

They say that everything turns full circle, how true that is. The last few years have seen a resurgeance of farm shops.

The independent retailer has suffered and numerous have been closed by the big boy supermarkets, but there is always a “Phoenix” to rise from the ashes.

One such example is the brainchild of Mary and Richard Bunting. Twelve months ago tired of fighting for a space in the supermarket car parks, Mary had a notion, not only the parking issue when inside the meat counter inspired her so much that she would walk past it. So why not sell our own farm produce.

The journey began, without any butchering experience whatsoever “Stanedge Grange Butchery and Farm Shop opened. What she lacked in experience was compensated by the sheer determination, hard work and emotional passion to succeed.


Every cloud has a silver lining in this case you could say a gold one. In September 2012 Mary and Richard welcomed aboard one of Derbyshire’s Master Butchers Michael Shirt. Instantly Mary said the hurdles were no longer there, having nearly forty years in the business Michael’s passion certainly hasn’t diminished, he has a wealth of expertise any shop would welcome.

Since Michael joined Stanedge he has started to compete again. In just a few months himself and Mary have entered numerous competitions, the shop is adorned in numerous trophies and accolades 30 or more for award winning sausage, bacon, black pudding and pies.

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It just proves independents have the skills and knowledge, combined with passion and hard work the job becomes almost easy and certainly enjoyable.


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