State of the art treatments at the Skin Tech Clinic in York

Skin Tech

Skin Tech - Credit: Archant

Skin Tech Clinic, located five minutes from York city centre is a Non-Surgical Cosmetic Clinic offering the latest technology for body and face treatments, serving clients across the whole of North Yorkshire.

Treatment at Skin Tech

Treatment at Skin Tech - Credit: Archant

The Clinic wanted to offer something that clients could really trust.

“We live in a skewed ‘5 minute fix’ mentality where the internet often tells us we can drop a dress size ‘overnight’ and our heads are left spinning as to what to believe and who to trust.” says Luiza, the owner of Skin Tech Clinic.

“Whist this might be true for things like filler and Botox, where results are instant, when it comes to the body, it’s not the same. It takes a little bit more time and effort, after all – it is a larger area! My clients know that I want to see their results just as much as they do, so by working together we can get them the results they want.”

The treatments have been scientifically proven to work through clinical trials and have been hailed as amongst the very best in tests and beauty surveys, also boasting a very impressive before and after image gallery that show real client photographs that resemble liposuction-like results.

Before and After HIFU treatment

Before and After HIFU treatment - Credit: Archant

“A course of treatments and a positive attitude to their bodies and health will go a very long way, indeed. Clients then see significant improvements in their bodies. Their new confidence is why I love my job. Who doesn’t want to look like the best version of themselves? We all have trouble areas and I want to help people work on those so they can feel more confident and not irritated when buying clothes that are the wrong shape or fit.”

Skin Tech Clinic have invested in state of the art, award winning 3D Lipo aesthetic equipment for non-invasive procedures to ensure clients get the very best results that have been tried and tested time and time again. With treatments such as Cryolipolysis (Fat-Freezing), Ultrasonic Cavitation for fat loss (Fat cell wall disintegration), Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Shockwave therapy for cellulite reduction, it’s no wonder people are flocking to have these procedures done. It means that multiple concerns are worked on in each session if needed.

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As well as body treatments, there are advanced face treatments to tackle anti-ageing and sagging skin with skin tightening for the face and the new HIFU Non-Invasive Facelift. These treatments are rapidly growing in demand.

How the treatments feel.

Our treatments are not painful as they are non-invasive. Some feel warm, some cold and some tingle. There is the odd patch that may be a little uncomfortable, but we adjust our settings to help with client comfort.

What about the results?

As mentioned, our treatments can deliver fantastic results that are long lasting and some that are permanent if the clients look after themselves. Results are maximised if the client drinks lots of water, does exercise and generally eats clean, without excessive drinking. Gaining weight can re-occur if the client eats more than their body needs and the ageing process, unfortunately, does continue so clients may wish come back in the future for top-up treatments.

The clinic offers free consultations to discuss concerns with clients, offering advice and bespoke treatment plans.

Skin Tech Clinic is open Monday – Saturday and has late opening times available.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 01904 809140 or 07539 288788 or email your enquiry to

For more information head over to the Skin Tech Clinic website