Beauty Resolutions you should be making this year…

What's your beauty resolution?

What's your beauty resolution? - Credit: Archant

2019 is your year to up your beauty game. From finding your perfect moisturiser to upping the ante on anti-ageing, here’s the best advice our Beauty Counter can give…

Clarins Cleansing range

Clarins Cleansing range - Credit: Archant

Double cleansing is not a myth, it really does work. Cleansing once takes off all the make-up and daily dirt but cleansing for a second time gives your skin a deep clean, under the surface. Double cleanse twice a day to reveal your very best glow.

Clinique ID

Clinique ID - Credit: Archant

Change up… Changing up your skincare products could be your biggest win. It’s doesn’t have to be your whole regime but think hard: is the moisturiser you’ve been using all these years still working as hard for you now? With so many newbies hitting the store there’s no excuse for dull, dry skin.

Sisley Supremya

Sisley Supremya - Credit: Archant

Ice, ice baby… this may seem like your idea of torture but splashing cold water (as cold as it will run to) over your face after cleansing is the step to really great skin because it tightens your pores and brightens your skin.

ANR Recovery

ANR Recovery - Credit: Archant

Drink up… dehydration is your skins arch enemy. Purchase your eco-friendly reusable bottle from Stringers Homelife and keep filling up throughout the day. But, if your skin’s looking done-in there is a fast cheat you can do to cover up short-term: highlighter. After moisturising apply a liquid highlighter before foundation – this is a well-known industry trick to get glowing.

Try retinol. Retinol is another must-have in your skincare routine as it plays a crucial role in anti-ageing. Boosting your levels of retinol is the key to a plumed-up complexion and it may sound obvious but great skin is all about prevention – looking after your skin from an early age is will pay off in the long run.

If you feel like you’ve gotten into the same old skincare routine that’s stopped working for you, head to the Beauty Department at Stringers Department Store, Lytham, Lancs. Our Beauty Consultants will find a tailored fit for your skin type, and generally make you feel pampered and wonderful before you leave.