Sussex musician Sarah Skinner is Instrumentalist of the Year


- Credit: Archant

Sarah Skinner of the Red Dirt Skinners has just won Instrumentalist of the Year at the British Blues Awards 2014.

The Red Dirt Skinners

The Red Dirt Skinners - Credit: Archant

The Red Dirt Skinners is made up of husband and wife Rob and Sarah Skinner of Heathfield. The Red Dirt Skinners’ “rule breaking individuality” has meant that they’re the first band in history to succeed at both the British Blues Awards and the British Country Music Awards. The band’s music blends Country, Blues, Americana and Folk. Touring extensively in the UK and Europe, they have now been invited to play North America in 2015, with some big festival slots planned.

Recently given 4/5 stars by theDaily Mirror for their current album and described by Classic Rock Magazine as “the first couple of British Country”, Rob and Sarah Skinner have just released “LIVE IN ABERDEEN” and are now writing their fourth studio album.

The Red Dirt Skinners are planning a House Concert Tour. If any reader thinks they can fit 30 or more people into their living room, the Skinners will come and play for them...and it won’t cost them a penny.

House Concerts are funded by tickets/donations from guests.

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