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Beth Mottershead from Salford reveals the secret ingredients of her successful baking business

What we do: Bespoke, contemporary cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and desserts for weddings, celebrations, special events and corporate parties. Everything is custom designed and hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail from high quality, local and Fairtrade ingredients.

Who we do it for: People who want something a little different, something beautifully made, with real impact to stand out from the crowd. Our clients spend so long refining all the little details to make their occasion different and special, they deserve the same care and attention paid to their cake design. They also appreciate being able to order little extras such as favours and dessert displays and treats for the children, to all coordinate perfectly with the main cake and the overall theme.

What makes us special: Our design style and attention to detail and our deliciously moist cakes! Our cake designs are clean and contemporary, including individual touches to reflect our customers. It's all about bringing the client's ideas together and making it work. I can't abide dry or overly sweet cakes so ensure my cakes are always moist and actually taste of what they are meant to.

How we got started: As with a lot of creative businesses, this was my hobby that went from strength to strength. My love of art and baking led me to create three-dimensional novelty cakes for friends' and family birthdays, and from there I was hooked. After creating my friend's wedding cake, I knew I had found my calling.

Business person I most admire: People who have a dream and are so passionate about it that they make it happen. People who do their homework so they have the right mix of knowledge, creativity and belief in their abilities that they are able to do what they love best for a living.

My right hand man/woman is: My family have been so supportive, I couldn't have done it without them. My partner created my website from scratch and he and my parents have had so many great ideas and have dedicated so much time and effort to helping me to set up. I can't thank them enough.

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The secret of our success: Complete dedication to perfection. We strive to do things differently and be the best on the market; absolutely nothing leaves the kitchen unless I am completely satisfied. As my own biggest critic, this sets incredibly high standards but if I don't exceed my clients' expectations, it's just not good enough. This means that clients trust me and come back to me.

My next move: We have just launched our range of dessert tables, which I am very excited about. There has been a real trend for people ordering cakes with extra items, such as cupcakes and cake pops, to create a display for weddings and celebrations, but they are often unsure about how it can all tie together. Our bespoke dessert tables allow all of your desserts to match your theme, turn your cake into a real focal point and ensure there is something for everyone.

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