That’s my Business - Adrian Bell, Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio

Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio

Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio - Credit: Archant

Adrian Bell, managing director of Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio, tells us about his passion – his business.

Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio

Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio - Credit: Archant

What we do:

We design beautiful, innovative bathrooms, and supply tiles and natural stone for every application and every sector of the market.

Who we do it for:

Artisan Tile & Bathroom have a stunning product portfolio, focused on both quality and design, with a strong emphasis on service. It is our aim to service every sector of the marketplace, from simple en-suite and bathroom conversions to multi bathroom builds. We also service the commercial sector through contract supply.

What makes us special?

I believe the strength of our brand springs from our attention to detail and commitment to customer service. These are simply basics for us, but when coupled with a genuine desire to continually create new and innovative spaces for our clients it makes us strong on every level.

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How we got started:

Having been in the tile and bathroom industry for some years the time finally came to venture out and start my own business. Artisan had been a business concept I wanted to create for years. 2011 was the beginning for Artisan Tile & Bathroom Studio, and we haven’t looked back.

Business person I most admire:

Probably a cliché , but I have to say Richard Branson. He’s still the face of his brand; you still feel like you fly with his airline, and watch his TV and media; he’s made very big business feel personal. He started with nothing, and he’s not done too badly! He won’t compromise on quality or service either…just like us!

My right hand woman is:

My wonderful wife, Linda!

The secret of our success:

I think we’re very clear in our message. A retail or showroom environment can be very confusing to a customer if the place you are in doesn’t appear clear in direction and style. Our design studio is constantly changing and evolving. We are a business based on a few key rules: quality of product, quality of customer service and a genuine desire to deliver the best for our client.

My business philosophy/top tip:

Always treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself.

When I’m not working I like to:

We have a busy social life! We enjoy good restaurants, we love to travel and to catch a band whenever possible.

My next move:

We’ve recently extended the showroom space and knocked through to the next unit. The additional space works brilliantly; we now have the foundation to push the business forward. We will continue to advertise and raise our profile, and our word of mouth recommendations continue to bring us new customers too.