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Bespoke furniture from S Rouse

Bespoke furniture from S Rouse - Credit: Archant

We spend an awfully long time on our sofas, so aren’t they worth a little extra love and attention? (Promotional feature)

Bespoke furniture from S Rouse

Bespoke furniture from S Rouse - Credit: Archant

When you hear the word ‘bespoke’ many automatically think it also means expensive, but custom-made sofas and chairs don’t need to cost as much as you may think. When you consider the time you spend sitting on your sofa, it is an investment in comfort and style that you may have to live with for the next ten years or more. So much furniture is mass produced these days, it is easy to think that a local custom furniture maker is out of your budget.

Bespoke furniture from S Rouse

Bespoke furniture from S Rouse - Credit: Archant

We all want something different from our sofa – some of us lie down to watch TV, curl in the corner with a book, or sit and chat with family about the day. Whereas some like comfort and squishy cushions, others will like a firm back and seat cushion to support aching joints and backs. And it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for in a furniture superstore. The beauty of custom made is not only is your furniture unique to you, and won’t be seen in your neighbours’ homes, but it can be made exactly to fit your style and size.

Design is also an important feature; you need something to suit your décor and house character. The traditional three-piece suite is still very popular, whereas others need the more contemporary corner unit in a striking fabric to match a contemporary home. It is very refreshing to be able to not only choose the shape of your sofa and what suits you, but also the size – be it a small two-seater or a long four-seater that accommodates the whole family. Custom made means that you can change the size of the seat height and depth, as well as the height of the back, so if you are taller your sofa supports your neck properly. A custom furniture maker also has the experience to know what will suit you best – they can look at how you sit in a seat and know what will support you the most. A custom service can offer two sofas in different sizes so that everyone in the family is happy. And a good custom furniture designer will be able to work with you if you wanted to copy another item that you already have. You can even visit the workshop to see your furniture being made, something you don’t get from a furniture superstore.

Fabric choices are a must for those with a designer’s eye – and custom furniture means that you can choose what works in your home, from traditional chenille to bold and patterned print. A good custom manufacturer will have a choice of literally thousands of fabrics so that they can please everyone’s taste. You can have a mixture of fabrics throughout your furniture so that chairs and sofas can match or contrast, and a good manufacturer will also offer a choice of carpets, blinds, curtains, wallpapers and paints so that you can match not only your furniture to your décor but start again with a new room, and at a very reasonable cost.

A custom-made sofa is a good quality investment and will last you for years. A beech frame that is guaranteed for ten years will stand the test of time for even the most energetic of families, and you know that you won’t have to replace in two years’ time because it is collapsing. Mass production is cheaper, but you won’t get the quality that a local custom manufacturer can offer you. You also have the comfort of knowing that all of the components of your furniture meet the highest UK safety standards so that you and your family are in the safest hands.

Ordering your furniture is a very easy process – you choose your shape and size, your feet, legs or skirt, your cushion fillings and finally the fabric. Prices are easy to work out and your design can be in your home in as little as eight weeks’ time – wherever you live in the Cotswolds, or even nationally.

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Your order is confirmed with all your choices and after your deposit is paid, you pay the balance when your furniture is made and ready to deliver. Your furniture is delivered and placed in your home and you are ready to relax and sit more comfortably than you ever have before.


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