The General Election: Stroud

Stroud / Photo: Matthew Dixon

Stroud / Photo: Matthew Dixon - Credit: Archant

The candidates running for the Stroud constituency in the May 7 2015 General Election

Neil Carmichael, Conservatives / Photo: Michael Walter - Troika

Neil Carmichael, Conservatives / Photo: Michael Walter - Troika - Credit: Michael Walter/Troika

Neil Carmichael

Conservative candidate for Stroud & current MP

‘Neil Carmichael was born in 1961 in Northumberland. He was elected to Parliament in 2010, until 2015. Neil’s interests include Europe, economics, energy and foreign affairs, and he frequently made contributions to Parliamentary debates on these topics. He took the Antarctic Act through Parliament, safeguarding both the Antarctic environment and British interests in the area for future generations. In the Stroud constituency, Neil established the annual Stroud Festival of Engineering and Manufacturing, secured funding for the redoubling of the Stroud/Swindon railway, formed the Canal Forum to encourage neighbourhood planning along the regenerated route, launched a campaign to improve Broadband provision, and much more besides.’ Neil’s 6 point plan for Stroud is as follows:

• More opportunities for young people

• Improve our road and rail links

• Berkeley engineering and science hub

• Securing and supporting rural services

Most Read

• Protecting Stroud Valleys and Vale

• Increase community health provision

David Drew, Labour

David Drew, Labour - Credit: Archant

David Drew

Labour candidate for Stroud

David Drew was born and brought up in Gloucestershire and returned to live in Stroud over 30 years ago. He was MP for the Stroud Constituency from 1997 - 2010 having been a Councillor for many years.

“We can choose to rebuild our fractured public services, our NHS, our economy. We can go for jobs and growth (greening the economy). We can make the rich pay what they owe - and make work pay for the rest of us. We can repeal the Bedroom Tax and bring railway contracts into the public sector.

Or we can choose to let the Tories sell off our NHS, cut council funding for young and old, kill badgers for no reason. Poverty pay for millions, while the rich get richer. Climate change denied; millions in fuel poverty. The least well-off penalised - foodbanks growing. Arts, culture, sports abandoned. I believe in:

• A responsibility to create a fairer society.

• Decent jobs for those who can work, support for those who can’t. An NHS, schools and public services that are valued.

• Protection of our environment for those who come after us.”

Sarah Lunnon, Green Party

Sarah Lunnon, Green Party - Credit: Archant

Sarah Lunnon

Green Party candidate for Stroud

‘Now in her second term representing Stroud, mum of 3 Sarah Lunnon continues to press for the extension of 20 mph limits for towns and villages where people live, go to school and shop.

The ever present threat of flooding and pursuing funding for schemes that could mitigate the problem is also an ongoing task.

Her attempt to unite the opposition to fracking in the County, was not supported by all Labour or Lib Dem county councillors.

Sarah is concerned at council pension fund investments in tobacco and arms companies and believes that investment in more ethical companies need not do less well for the pension fund.

She continues to do all she can to help get the mass burn incinerator rejected and a better technology of appropriate proportions adopted.’

Caroline Stephens, UKIP

Caroline Stephens, UKIP - Credit: Archant

Caroline Stephens

UK Independence Party candidate for Stroud

‘Caroline Stephens standing as the UKIP candidate for Westminster in 2015 is a married mother of 2 originally from Yorkshire and now living in Chippenham just a short distance from the constituency. As well as standing for election to Westminster she has become the driving force behind the campaign for local council seats as the party continue in their advance to change the political landscape of the the UK.’

“I believe in an open and accountable government and if elected I promise my constituents that;

• I will publish ALL expenses as they are generated

• I will canvass local opinion on all matters before I vote in the House

• I will resign and call a by-election if I leave UKIP”

Adrian Walker-Smith

Adrian Walker-Smith

Adrian Walker-Smith - Credit: Archant

Liberal Democrat candidate for Stroud

Adrian Walker-Smith has lived permanently in Stroud since 1998.

Speaking after selection by his party, Adrian said:

“I am grateful to my fellow Liberal Democrats for giving me the opportunity to represent our party in the next General Election and I intend to enjoy myself. The other candidates seem a reasonable bunch and I hope we can come together in giving the electors a fair picture of what it will mean to vote for each of us. It is no secret that Liberal Democrat support in Stroud is currently around 5%, but I shall fight the election vigorously and can take comfort from the fact that those who support us do so for positive reasons and not as protest vote. I expect that as polling day comes closer electors will examine what parties will do in government. It is a fact that any of parties fighting the election could be in the position of deciding who will be in government next year and this is something voters should take into account.”