The General Election: Thornbury & Yate

Thornbury / Photo: JeniFoto

Thornbury / Photo: JeniFoto - Credit: Archant

The candidates running for the Thornbury & Yate constituency in the May 7 2015 General Election

Steve Webb, Liberal Democrats

Steve Webb, Liberal Democrats - Credit: Archant

Steve Webb

Liberal Democrats candidate for Thornbury and Yate & current MP

‘Steve Webb has been the MP for Thornbury & Yate (formerly Northavon) since 1997. He was born in Birmingham in July 1965 and attended the local comprehensive school before going on to Hertford College, Oxford to study Philosophy, Politics & Economics.

As local MP since 1997, Steve has led a wide range of campaigns in partnership with local residents and local Lib Dem councillors. With a constituency which includes many rural villages and smaller market towns, he has successfully campaigned to defend local services such as village post offices and schools, as well as for improved access to broadband. He has supported local businesses and promoted apprenticeships, and unemployment in the constituency is well below the national average. He has pressed for improved public transport capacity, including extra carriages on train services from Yate and the electrification of the Great Western mainline. Recent campaign successes include securing a cinema for Yate, improved public transport to the new Southmead hospital and helping to save the CAB service in Thornbury.

Steve has held hundreds of regular weekly surgery sessions and has a strong track record of helping local people in need with a range of problems. Steve has used his particular expertise in the field of pensions to help many local women to obtain a boost to their state pension.’

Luke Hall

Conservative candidate for Thornbury and Yate

‘Luke was born and grew up in South Gloucestershire and now lives in Westerleigh. His family have lived and worked in South Gloucestershire for generations. Luke has worked in retail since the age of 16 and is now an Area Manager for Farmfoods.

Luke Hall, Conservatives

Luke Hall, Conservatives - Credit: Archant

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Luke has been an active member of the local Conservative Party since 2009. He has been a Constituency Chairman in South Gloucestershire and has served as the Deputy Chairman of the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Conservatives. His plan for Thornbury and Yate includes:

• Protecting our precious local Green Belt and green spaces: As a local man, I am determined to protect our local Green Belt and green spaces. Find out more about my campaign to protect our green spaces here.

• Helping local people get back into work: I have committed to holding two Jobs Fairs a year in our area if I am elected as the local MP.

• Improving our local transport system and transport links: I have taken local transport issues directly to the Secretary of State to ensure we keep up with infrastructure changes.

• Tackling anti-social behaviour and keeping our streets safe: I will work alongside the local Police and support groups to ensure we all feel safe in our community.

• Supporting senior citizens in our local community: Supporting senior citizens is at the heart of my plan for our local area, holding Dementia Friends events, Senior Citizens’ Fairs and engaging in our community.’

Hadleigh Roberts

Labour candidate for Thornbury and Yate

Hadleigh Roberts, Labour

Hadleigh Roberts, Labour - Credit: Archant

“The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have tried to dismantle the country Labour built, which was a changed country based on social inclusion, openness and aspiration, but they have failed.

“Just as they will never give up trying to divide the nation, we must never give up hope that we can again build a confident and courageous country.

“All the damage done by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats can be repaired but only Labour is able to do it.

“Labour’s achievements, from the NHS to the minimum wage, are now part of the fabric of the nation.

“The stakes are high in this election and Britain needs a Labour Government.

Iain Hamilton

Green Party candidate for Thornbury and Yate

Iain Hamilton, Green Party

Iain Hamilton, Green Party - Credit: Archant

“I am proud to be standing as your Green Party parliamentary candidate. As your MP, I will stand as a force for the common good. I will not sell out my principles. People realise that the ‘two party politics’ of the past is not fit for purpose, the present or the future. A vote for me, is a vote for a fair and equal society. A vote for me will give you a community MP who supports you and what you believe in.

The Green party is a party of the many, not the few. A Green vote is a vote for a fairer government, not a government of big business. I want to protect our NHS and stop privatisation of public services, stop fracking in its tracks and improve our public transport.

Our community deserves an MP who will campaign to end the unfair attacks on the poorest in our community. End the bedroom tax, end benefit sanctions, support those trying to find work, not demonise them- an end to austerity! I will fight for a living wage, not a minimum wage.

Our public services are being cut to the bone while the wealthiest are receiving tax cuts. Corporation tax is at the lowest level for years and is now the same for large and small businesses. This makes it difficult for small business to compete.”

Russ Martin

UK Independence Party

“This General Election will be the most important in our lifetime and a real opportunity for the people of Thornbury & Yate to have their say, the vast majority of people are fed up with the political elite, many people have given up voting as apathy sets in, never has the need for change been greater, that’s why I am standing, below are some of the areas I am targeting.

Russ Martin, UKIP

Russ Martin, UKIP - Credit: Archant

• Democracy – I will continue to fight for our freedoms that are being eroded by the EU project and campaign to expose and eliminate the culture of cover up and deceit that has spread through the establishment on many levels. We need to leave the EU, control our borders and govern ourselves.

• NHS – I will fight to keep the NHS free at the point of use and paid for through taxation. With a passion for mental health services I will campaign to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health and fight for more investment which is desperately needed.

• Crime & Justice – I want to see improvements in the delivery of policing, stop the cutbacks, improve morale and improve the standards in service delivery reducing record numbers of complaints, I will encourage crime to be reported, and to be investigated without fear or favour and campaign for more transparency and accountability.

• Social Justice – I will continue to fight against injustice and campaign for the rights of families and their children in the Family Courts, especially during Care Proceedings, campaigning to review and reform the working practices of Social Services and the Child Protection system, ensuring transparency and accountability. Families need support not punishment. UKIP would abolish the Bedroom Tax too.”