The Grange School

The Grange

The Grange - Credit: Archant

The school, they frequently say, feels calm but purposeful, full of busy young people and staff eager to go about their business.

Many comment that there is a tangible warmth about the place. It has the feeling of somewhere smaller than it is but the buzz of a busy and vibrant place. We believe that this unique atmosphere is a product of many things.


First and foremost is the abiding quality and strength of the relationships that exist between all members of our community, built on clear people-centred values. Secondly, we believe that our understanding of the over-riding purpose of a Grange education helps us to aim very high and fires the vision we have developed to promote and sustain our commitment to giving our young people the very best and most relevant preparation for their futures. Thirdly, our history and heritage helps to explain the remarkable success story The Grange represents and contains clues from the past about the strength of the present and the key to the future.


As a school we have spent some time trying to identify and articulate those values that help our community to flourish and be as happy, purposeful and successful as it is. The following statement sums that up as succinctly as we can:


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At The Grange School we value particularly an approach to our community from all who work and learn here which is:

. Caring, warm and generous

. Respectful for others as a matter of principle .

. Straightforward, open and ‘uncomplicated’ in their approach to others, demonstrating integrity in all they do

. Wholehearted, demonstrating commitment to being the best that they can be and to the hard work needed in rising to the challenge of high standards and high expectations

. Sensitive to the needs of others and accepting of their needs and differences