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Your Personal Style

Your Personal Style - Credit: Archant

Your Personal Style consultancy gives an insight into the creation of a versatile wardrobe.

Promotional Feature - Understanding the colours and clothing styles that complement you will enable you to create a wardrobe that mirrors your personality and is within your budget, whilst at the same time making you feel special. It is all about finding your own unique style!

The word fashion is often misused. Too often the industry tries to persuade consumers to wear the same garment in the same colour each season, akin to school uniform. But we don’t have to submit ourselves to this market when we have the choice of allowing our own individual style to shine, be it avant-garde, vintage or simple and elegant.

Style is important because we express our idea of who we are by the clothes that we wear. The way we dress is a way of creating an identity for ourselves, and making a good first impression is not simply a question of age or money. The most important factors are you state of mind and your intention.

There are so many different factors that come together to portray your image, so it is important to analyze all of the individual elements. As well as colouring, bodyline, scale and proportion, your personality is a key factor in understanding which style of clothing suits you, and the life you lead will also help you to determine which garments are most suited to you.

Search for clothes that are versatile and practical. Key pieces that are suitable for both business and social events are an excellent investment and shopping wisely will help you to make a tight budget go further.

It’s important to consider different types of fabric, and how the addition of a accessories can completely transform a day garment into a beautiful evening outfit.

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Over time, you can create a wardrobe where all of the colours enhance your complexion, and where all of the garments - individually and collectively - create a style that mirrors your personality and makes you feel special. Your clothes and accessories should be an extension of you, and having a better understanding of how to dress for your personality and lifestyle will enable you to be more focused and realistic before purchasing further garments.

It is important to avoid costly purchasing mistakes. When shopping, we are often drawn to garments in our favourite colours that might look fabulous on the model in the window, but don’t necessarily enhance our complexion and complement our figure. Only consider items that co-ordinate with your current wardrobe and can be worn on many different occasions.

Modern life means that we often spend too much time on everything except ourselves, but what you wear determines not only how you look, but also how you feel. Taking the time to learn about what suits you is a worthwhile investment.

A colour analysis is the simplest way to improve your look. Wearing colours which enhance your complexion will instantly make you look younger, give you confidence and put a spring in your step!


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