The Russian State Ballet and Opera House presents The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Romeo & Juliet!

Swan Lake

Swan Lake - Credit: Archant

After last year’s success, The Russian State Ballet and Opera House is back with three new and vibrant Classical Ballets, The Nutcracker, with the Fairy Tale element and some added glitz from the beautiful costumes, Swan Lake, the greatest of romantic Ballets, and the intimate and moving ballet, Romeo & Juliet – all family orientated productions.

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker - Credit: Archant

We met with Alexej Ignatow, the producer of Russian State Ballet & Opera House and asked, what make his company so unique and stand out from the rest.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet - Credit: Archant

“Russian State Ballet and Opera House was founded to represent quality and passion for Ballet and Opera at the highest level. Unlike many other companies that travel to Europe with ballet and opera productions, we only focus on working with established theatres in the Russian Federation. These theatres have many years of experience and, most importantly, they have an established spine of directors and leaders which have gone through the best artistic institutions in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Our logo is the assurance of a quality production. Every year we aim to bring a different artist to the UK, which means that although you may have seen a Nutcracker ballet one year, next time the set, costumes, artists and even choreography will be different. It will feel like a different show altogether, but still with the same high level of quality.”

Featuring a timeless score from incredible composer Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker and Swan Lake are certified Russian classics, replete with evocative music and beautiful dance.

The Nutcracker’s ballet story is based on “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” written by E.T.A. Hoffmann. It tells the story of Marie, a rather sad little girl, whose godfather Drosselmeyer gives her a Nutcracker doll as a present on Christmas Eve which turns into a Prince, and the magic starts…

The story of Swan Lake is woven around two girls, Odette and Odile, who resemble each other so closely they can easily be mistaken for the other.

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A compelling legend of tragic romance tells story of Odette, a Princess turned into a swan by an evil curse.

Romeo and Juliet is an all-time favourite classic love story.

William Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet was one of the first works of literature to inspire ballet choreographers - so perfectly suited to dance are its drama, romance and tragedy.

Set to one of Prokofiev’s most evocative scores, this production is filled with beautiful dance, riveting battles, and compelling drama, all amidst stunning production designs.

Full of mystery and romance, these Ballets have captured the imagination of many generations over the years, and continue to attract audiences worldwide and inspire both young and old.

Alexej Ignatow added: “We often get asked how would you encourage people who have never seen a ballet before, to come and attend a ballet for the first time? And my instant reply is that you don’t need to be an expert in classical ballet or music. We ensure that the set and costumes make the production easy to follow. The music is beautiful and sometimes even if you lost in the plot, just close your eyes to enjoy the music.”

Russian State Ballet and Opera House is a gem for the Russian cultural traditions, bringing as they do the passion and vibrancy of Russian character to one of the most well-known Ballets.

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Romeo & Juliet are considered by many to be some of the greatest and most loved Classical Ballets of all time!

Make sure you don’t miss out! The Russian State Ballet and Opera House is coming to three different locations on the following dates:

- The Connaught Theatre, Worthing Saturday 16 November Swan Lake (no live orchestra)

- The White Rock Theatre, Hastings Saturday 23 November The Nutcracker (with live orchestra)

- The Congress Theatre, Eastbourne Monday 2 December The Nutcracker, Tuesday 3 December Swan Lake and Wednesday 4 December Romeo & Juliet (with live orchestra)

Do not delay in purchasing your ticket for the greatest Ballets, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Romeo & Juliet.

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