The South West called upon to help the British Polio Fellowship keep people warm this winter

Rebecca Colpus

Rebecca Colpus - Credit: Archant

Rebecca Colpus of The British Polio Fellowship explains why we should spare a though for those suffering from the late effects of Polio this winter, and how we can help the Winter Warmth campaign

Since joining The British Polio Fellowship as Development Officer for the South West, I’ve been shocked to learn that of 120,000 people in the UK living with PPS, some 8,500 may be living among us in the South West1, living in isolated communities and in need of our support. Part of my outreach role is to see no-one living with the late effects of Polio and PPS feels they have nowhere to turn, particularly during winter.

Symptoms of the late effects of Polio and PPS include increased cold intolerance and this, coupled with restricted movement, weakened muscles and breathing difficulties, can make winter anything but the most wonderful time of the year. This is why The British Polio Fellowship runs a Winter Warmth campaign, to supply heating grants to those struggling to heat their homes, and especially to those who do not qualify for a winter fuel payment. To continue this campaign successfully, we need your support.

Members of the public can find out how they can help by visiting the website at

For those out there who need our help, support is just a phone call away on 0800 018 0586. For those feeling isolated, we are planning to develop group and branch activities throughout the South West so do get in touch for more information.

With your help we can ensure no one is left in the cold this winter.