The Story of the Victoria County History of Gloucestershire

Dr John Chandler, Victoria County History of Gloucestershire

Dr John Chandler, Victoria County History of Gloucestershire - Credit: Archant

Dr Jenner’s House & Garden is welcoming Dr John Chandler of the Victoria County History of Gloucestershire to give the latest in its series of Old Cyder House Talks on Friday, March 7 2014.

Dr Jenner’s House, Berkeley

Dr Jenner’s House, Berkeley - Credit: Archant

The talk will explain the background to the Victoria County History as a national undertaking in English local history publishing, and describe its progress in researching and writing the history of Gloucestershire.

Dr Chandler will explain, with examples and anecdotes, how VCH goes about its work and what it aims to achieve. He will stress the two-way relationship VCH has with everyone interested in local history and how they make use of local communities’ research into, and enthusiasm for, their history.

The talk will conclude by describing the changing world of historical scholarship, the current position of the VCH in the county, the plans now under way, and the hopes for future development and ultimately for completing the task.

The talk will be given on Friday March 7 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6.00 which includes a drinks reception from 7:00pm. Seats may be booked in advance by contacting the museum on: 01453 810631 or email

Simon Hobson, Visitor Experience Manager at Dr Jenner’s House, said: “Writing the long and fascinating history of the county of Gloucestershire is a monumental endeavour, and one that has been tackled over many years through the Victoria County History. Now under the direction of the Gloucestershire Victoria County History Trust, the new work forthcoming on Gloucestershire adds material to what is the most significant publishing project in English local history. We are looking forward to a super evening when Dr Chandler will take us through the amazing journey of unravelling and documenting our common past for this landmark series.”

This is the final Old Cyder House Talk of the 2013/14 year. The new season for 2014/15 opening in April 2014 will see more than twenty new talks presented over the next twelve months.”

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