The Sussex Symphony Orchestra at Hove Town Hall

Saturday September 13th will see the penultimate concert ever to be given in Hove Town Hall as it is closing down in December.

The Sussex Symphony Orchestra gave their first ever concert in The Great Hall on Saturday January 23rd, 1993, so it is fitting that this orchestra will ‘play out’ the hall with this concert and one on December 6th.

The September concert is entitled ‘Imagined Lands’ and has three of the repertoire’s most evocative works where stories are told vividly in music, with Scheherazade surely being the most famous and well loved.

Finlandia of course, needs little introduction to the concert-going public, suffice to say, it is a hugely stirring work, one of world’s most favourite tone poems and one the SSO plays wonderfully!

The audience will also have a rare opportunity to hear Glazunov orchestral fantasy ‘The Forest’, a twenty minute work superbly written which conjurs up all the sights and sounds of a Russian forest in the summer, it is a hugely imaginative work and leaves one in no doubt of the composer’s mastery at orchestration, using ‘every trick in the book’ to convey all the secrets a forest holds.

Scheherazade of course is the ever popular and very famous depiction by Rimsky-Korsakov of the Tales of 1001 nights, where, in a nutshell, a princess has to regale a sultan with tales of mystery, wonder and imagination to prevent her from being put to death, which she does successfully, so much so that they fall in love afterward!

There are so many wonderful moments for the full symphony orchestra, lead by a solo violin (Nicola Bates) who is our princess for the evening, the conversation they will have will have the audience entranced.

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The orchestra’s founder and Music Director, Mark Andrew James will conduct the evening.

Tickets from, or The Dome Box Office, 01273-709709, or on the door.