The Taunton version of Monopoly has been released - and we have six games up for grabs!

We have six games up for grabs!

We have six games up for grabs! - Credit: sub

Taunton has been immortalised with its very own Monopoly edition.

Taunton has been immortalised with its very own Monopoly edition

Taunton has been immortalised with its very own Monopoly edition - Credit: sub

The official version features the great and the good of the town, with more than 30 Taunton landmarks getting to star on their very own piece of Monopoly prime estate - along with Somerset Life.

Appearing on the exclusive and leading Mayfair spot is Cooper Associates Somerset County Cricket Ground, while The Museum of Somerset is Park Lane.

The four train stations from the London Monopoly original are all handed over to landmarks representing a travel theme and three charities get to feature on their own spaces too.

“The game is a love letter to – and a celebration of – Taunton,” says Jake Houghton from Winning Moves UK, makers of the game.

Top Monopoly tips:

To celebrate the new version, its creators have revealed the ultimate secrets on how to win at the famous family game...

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1. At the beginning of the game, one should volunteer to run the bank. Why? That way you can be absolutely sure no-one is cheating!

2. Buy just about everything you land on. The game is about developing houses and hotels to accumulate wealth and bankrupt opponents, The best properties to buy are orange and red. If you secured both of these you will be very hard to beat. They are placed after the jail and players often land on them, more so than other sets. They are modest to build on and offer great returns.

3. Be charming and don’t offend other players. Often a game can hinge on swapping properties with other players so you can each make a set.

4. If you are in a winning position then rather than build hotels, stop your property development at four or even three houses per property. That way you can create a housing shortage and inhibit other players’ winning ambitions. There are a maximum of 32 houses that are in play in a game.

5. Early on in the game if you end up in jail, pay straight away to come out or use a Get Out of Jail card, if you have one. That way you can build up your property empire fast. But later on in the game STAY in jail. This is a little known rule that can make all the difference between winning and losing. You can still collect on your property while in jail. Also, if you are locked in the Monopoly jail you can’t land on other people’s properties and pay them.

We have six games up for grabs!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a signed game is answer this question below:

Question:Which of these is a famous Monopoly token?

A. Sheep

B. Ship

C. Shopping bag

Send your answers to by January 9.

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