Tiernan’s Tour 2014


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Tiernan one of the UK’s most sought after comedy hosts is coming to Bath and Bristol on his tour

What do you think about opinions? Tiernan isn’t sure, even though everyone else is keen to shout theirs at him. He’s starting to think that it’s best not to have any at all. Which is of course, an opinion. A new hour from Douieb about the Internet being too loud, politics, spiders and Icelandic noises. Tiernan is one of the UK’s most sought after comedy hosts, his fun and friendly style of comedy has seen him perform all over the UK and internationally. Cited by Mark Thomas in the Guardian as a comedian to look out for alongside Josie Long.

In 2013 alone he’s been seen in C4’s Fresh Meat, took 25 custard pies in the face for Mark Watson’s 25 Hour Show on Comic Relief, has been regularly featured in many newspapers for his topical tweets and wrote for and performed with a fully operational joke telling robot. Tiernan co-runs the Comedy Club 4 Kids, created the popular YouTube hit Partly Political Broadcast, spends far too much time making his beard look nice and generally doesn’t sleep enough.

This is the first UK tour he’s ever done and it’ll be a lot better than you think from someone you’ve not heard of before.

All dates will either be double-header shows with Keith Farnan (as seen on Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow) or have support from up and coming political comedian Chris Coltrane. And no, this tour doesn’t have a name. Tiernan has a difficult enough to pronounce one as it is.

Local tour dates

Feb 27: The Rondo Theatre, Bath with support from Chris Coltrane

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March 6: The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol with Keith Farnan