Time Out with Bill Clark of Clark Art

Art dealer and gallery owner Bill Clark tells us how he likes to relax

Your idea of a perfect weekend?I have a very hectic lifestyle commuting between my galleries in Hale and London so when I have a free weekend I just like to relax. We live near Dunham Massey so we may go for a walk in the grounds. On Sunday we love to read the papers and then go out for a nice Sunday lunch at The Plough and Flail in Mobberley.

Favourite holiday destination?Mustique in the Grenadines, it's the perfect chill out destination

Theatre or footie?I love going to the theatre, we went to the premiere of The Jersey Boys as guests of one of my clients, it was a great evening.

Your Favourite Fashion BrandsArmani and Hugo Boss

Do you cook or are you cooked for?I cook occasionally but we eat out a lot.

Your favourite song?All time favourite is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Current favourite is New York by Paloma Faith.

Most Read

What was the last book you really enjoyed reading?Richard Dawkins - The Ancestors Tale

Who do you regard as a modern day hero?Nelson Mandela

Favourite restaurant and who is most likely to be your dining companion?The Wolseley in London with my partner Wendy

Ok, putting reality aside, it's that old chestnut about which five famous people - living or dead - you'd most enjoy the company of at your dinner party:L.S. Lowry, Leonardo Da Vinci, Audrey Hepburn, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare. We'd also have to set an extra place for Wendy as she'd hate to miss out.

Whose talent would you like to steal and why?Tiger Woods because I'm rubbish at golf

What are you most looking forward to this particular weekend (keep the answers clean, please!)I'm working in the gallery in Hale all day Saturday. In the evening we'll go out for a nice meal. I'll be looking forward to a nice roast lunch on Sunday and then chilling out for the rest of the day