Warm your world this winter by sparing a thought for your boiler

Keep your toes toasty this winter, and make sure your boiler is in good health before the colder mon

Keep your toes toasty this winter, and make sure your boiler is in good health before the colder months settle in. Photo Credit: gettyimages / dima_sidelnikov - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

All year round we rely on the hard-working white box, tucked away in the cupboard, to keep our homes toasty and warm. Most of the time we ignore it - until it’s too late, disaster strikes and it stops working.

To stop us from heading towards winter unprepared, Nick Baker, operations director at Alexandra Heating Services (AHS) offers some advice to avoid the misery of shuddering on our sofas over Christmas - and potentially save some money in the process.

1) Arrange a regular boiler service

Sounds simple, right? But it's easier to forget than you think.

"As with many things in life, maintenance is cheaper than repair. Summer or autumn is a good time to arrange a boiler service. Companies aren't as busy, so you have a better chance of finding a time that works for you," Nick explained.

A regular check-up can save you the inconvenience of costly repairs or having to replace your boiler down the line.

2) When your boiler fails, call the right engineers

Sometimes a boiler will fail - over time internal components of your boiler can and will break. AHS offers a 24-hour call-out service, for you to get someone to your home as soon as possible if something goes wrong. They care about providing their customers with the highest quality service.

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"We recommend Viessman because they have superior engineering, are exceptionally well made, efficient and reliable," said Nick.

3) Seek the right advice if you need a new boiler

Every home's needs are different - more people in the house, different work routines and habits, taking baths instead of showers - can all affect your boiler usage.

"We work with our customers to tailor a heating solution that suits their home and needs," Nick explained.

4) Look ahead: check your boiler's efficiency

Even if all is right in your home and your boiler's ticking along nicely, it's worth someone checking your boiler's efficiency.

"Generally the older a boiler is, the less efficient it will be. This could be costing you more money," explained Nick. "An AHS customer recently upgraded to a Viessman oil boiler and saved over 70pc on their bills," he added.

"A good heating company should explore all options, boilers and renewable, to find the right solution for you and your home. I'm disappointed by the number of companies that arrive with a solution in mind before they even meet a customer," Nick said.

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